Is A Million Little Things new tonight? Season 2 filming news

Million Little ThingsIs A Million Little Things new tonight on ABC? Obviously, we would love to see more of this dramatic, fascinating story unfold — especially now that we know so much more about Barbara Morgan and how Chandler Riggs’ PJ fits into the rest of the show (we are happy that he has this gig but we are also going to be forever salty that we lost him on The Walking Dead).

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait a good while for it. How long? Think in terms of the next several months. Last week was the finale! We closed to door on one chapter of the story, but there are many different chapters coming — at least if we have our way. The show’s only been renewed for one more season at present, but with more buzz and positive word-of-mouth, there is no reason to think that it could be closing up shop anytime soon. It still feels like there are more people out there who can discover it and simply haven’t yet — some figured it out after it moved past Grey’s Anatomy, but others may still not have heard of it.

So while you sit around and wait for more episodes of A Million Little Things, why not start to map out some of the important dates coming up? The following information comes courtesy of executive producer DJ Nash on Twitter.

Writers’ Room opens – April 8. This is when Nash and the rest of the team can start conjuring up the latest twists and turns — many of them probably already exist in Nash’s mind, but you have to assemble them all into scripts and make sure that the outline for the season starts to be set.

Season 2 starts filming – June 19. It’s a little bit earlier than the standard network show, but we aren’t mad about it since the earlier they start up, the more time they have to craft us some beautiful stories. Good shows take their time. Filming takes place in Vancouver, so why not take advantage of some summer weather for production? James Roday is likely going to be spending a lot of time in British Columbia in general, given that Psych: The Movie 2 is going to be filming there over the coming months.

Season 2 premiere date – September, most likely. This tends to be when most network TV shows start airing, but at times dates are subject to change. Sometimes, they even do it at the very last minute! We’ve seen a lot of last-second changes with episodes and even premieres as of late, so anything can happen.

The best thing that you can do to support A Million Little Things during the hiatus

Spread the love! Get more people on board with how great this show is! The more people who check it out, the likelier it is that the season 2 ratings surge. In turn, the likelier it is that we could get a season 3. It feels like this is the customary time to tell you that there are a million little things that are worth checking out with this show … but we would never include a really terrible pun for the sake of making ourselves laugh. Never.

Hopefully, some more casting news will be announced when we get around to the summer — there’ll likely be some new faces mixed in with the familiar ones! For now, we suggest heading over here to take a look at some more thoughts on the finale.

What do you most want to see on A Million Little Things season 2 when it airs on ABC? Share now in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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