Is The Big Bang Theory new tonight? What’s left in final season?

Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 19
Is The Big Bang Theory new tonight on CBS? We’re at that point now where we are craving new stories, comedy, and chances for happy conclusions. That’s what happens when you are inching fairly close to the end of the road.

There are seven episodes left for the show on CBS. Seven. That’s a bizarre thing to think about as someone who remembers back when this show first premiered. At the time, it was considered a toss-up comedy, one where there was no guarantee of coming back for more. Would mainstream viewers actually be into a show featuring geeks who are marginalized members of society? What would their intrinsic value be? As it turns out, millions upon millions of dollars for CBS. The Big Bang Theory is more than a cash cow; it is a cash herd.

From a production point of view, they actually aren’t that far ahead of CBS and the show’s viewers. There are six episodes left for them to film, as confirmed in an Instagram post below via Johnny Galecki. One of the reasons for this hiatus (which is going to stretch into the NCAA Tournament) is so that producers can get a little ahead of the curve. That and basketball.

The craziest part is this: The cast of The Big Bang Theory will be done with the series finale in less than a month. At that point, they’ll be free to do other projects or just take a big old nap on a giant bed of cash. Who can blame them after this sort of run? For Jim Parsons and Galecki, they’ve been at this longer than anyone — they were a part of the original pilot, which was shelved and then retooled a year later to become the version of The Big Bang Theory we’ve come to know and love now.

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What lies ahead when the series returns?

As you can see over at this link, the show’s first episode back in early April will feature the return of Kal Penn, plus also some Nobel physicists — it’s a celebration of science, one of the things that this show does best. Sure, it may be goofy and at times overly cynical, but the heart of The Big Bang Theory has always been in the right place. It’s looked at its characters as quirky, but it wants the best for them and they want to do the right thing.

Following Penn’s return, our hope is that the final episodes focus on achievement — the legacy that these people want to leave behind. Scientists don’t just think about the now; they think about what’s coming decades and centuries from now. We’ve seen Sheldon humbled enough that it’s okay for his career to rise to new heights — though let’s be fair in that even the world’s best physicist is still below an Instagram influencer on the pop-culture pecking order.

As for Penny, she should be successful in her work life, but then also happy in all aspects of it. Her road’s been filled with potholes and other obstacles after being shunned by the acting community, judged at times based on her appearance, and then constantly forced to have to prove herself. She’s done that now — she’s got a great life, more money, fantastic friends and a great relationship. This finale is a chance to lay back and bask in how different, and unexpected, her world now is than when she first dived head-first into geek culture.

What do you want to see on The Big Bang Theory when the show comes back to CBS? Share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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