The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 18 return date: Kal Penn returns

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2Based on what we are hearing, The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 18 is going to be well worth the wait when it arrives on CBS. The downside here is going to be having to wait for a while to check it out.

We’ve done some schedule-sleuthing for you in order to determine when the sitcom is coming back to enter what may be the early stages of (start crying now) its final stretch run. We’ve already heard that a repeat is coming on next week (March 14). Meanwhile, CBS currently has scheduled that the NCAA Tournament and it will be taking place on March 21 and then also March 28, effectively cutting off the entirety of their regular Thursday night schedule. We’re sure that for some Big Bang Theory fans of a nerdier persuasion, there is likely something incredibly unappealing that will come from having to sit around and hear people talk about college basketball. Here’s the good thing about March Madness, though — it’s only for a few weeks. It’ll all be over and, on the other side of it, you can laugh with Sheldon Cooper once more.

We’ve heard that, at least for now, there will be a new episode scheduled for April 4. (We say “for now” knowing full well that with CBS, all episodes are subject to change — until earlier today, for example, it felt as though there was going to be a new MacGyver coming on the air this Friday. There’s not anymore. How quickly things can change!) What else we know is that from a guest-star perspective, there will be some serious pioneers of science on board! It is returning guest star Kal Penn who first confirmed late last month that for this upcoming episode, he will be joined by Nobel physicists including Kip Thorne, Frances H. Arnold, and George Smoot — basically, three of the brightest science minds in the entire world.

When you hear about names like that being recognized on this show, we are quick to remind you that The Big Bang Theory gets a bad rap sometimes for being almost anti-nerd with their portrayal of nerds. Are they presenting at times a characterization of geeks and scientists that is silly and over-the-top? Sure, but these are also people who are insanely smart, accomplished, and making their dreams come true. They take their lumps and then take off in their attempts to save the world. The fact that we’re getting three Nobel physicists in one episode should prove on some level just how serious The Big Bang Theory is taking their status as a bastion for the science community. They want to celebrate these people — while also give us a chance to laugh at ourselves as nerds. If it’s good enough for Stephen Hawking, it’s good enough for most. (Note we say “most,” not all — we’re not lumping everyone together here! Calm down, internet.)

Now comes the time of this preview where we make everyone cry again, as there are only six more episodes to go. Six. More. Episodes. We should stop saying it since that’s tear-inducing in its own way. After so many years of great stories and memorable characters, the curtain is going to drop. As we prepare for it, remember this — as difficult and painful as this is going to be for us, it is probably going to be tenfold for the people who have been with this show from the very beginning. Think back to the first episode of the series proper — or even think back further to the unaired pilot, which featured a totally different premise, no Penny, and altered iterations of Sheldon and Leonard. If that version of the show were greenlit, it would actually be in season 13 right now … though we don’t think that this version would have ever made it this far. It’s amazing to think about parallel universes. (We can discuss this here, largely because we feel like this is something that Sheldon would.)

Excited for The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 18?

Beyond that, are you excited for the remaining episodes of the show? Have any series finale predictions? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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