NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 17 video: What’s in the box? The mystery returns!

DeeksComing up on NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 this weekend, you’re going to see Kensi and Deeks’ get married … but we’re also going to see more than that. After many years, the box mystery could finally come to a head!

It’s been a while since the box had a major role to play in this story but we’re pretty confident that a lot of longtime fans out there remember it fondly. Let’s recap what we know — it was given to Deeks by Kensi, and she claims that inside it is “something he’s always wanted.” Yet, there’s so much hype around this box that Deeks has almost been nervous to open it. Could it ever live up to the relentless hype? Is there something great and magical on the other side? We’re hoping that there’s a season 11 renewal somewhere in there…

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Here’s the problem entering the great Densi wedding day — Deeks has no recollection where the box actually is. He also remembers that Kensi wanted him to open it before the wedding day … meaning that he doesn’t have a lot of time to remember where he put it. We know that there are bad guys within this episode and other threats that need to be dealt with, but we’re not gonna lie — we’re pretty geeked-up over a storyline where Deeks gets Eric to look at surveillance just for the sake of finding out what happened to the box. This is a mystery that really doesn’t matter to any NCIS: Los Angeles character other than Deeks … though of course, it matters immensely both to all of us viewers since this has been such a long wait to find out what she put in there!

Remember the expression “it’s the thought that counts,” given that this is the best sentiment to approach the entire box reveal with at the moment. It’s going to be super-tough for the show to ever match the immense amount of hype that there is for this reveal, so we think it’s best if it is just something that is personal and emotional rather than something that makes us all go “OMG this changes everything!!!” in the midst of hyperventilating. There should be a timeless quality to it given that it’s been so darn long since the box was first introduced.

If we had to send one question out into the universe with the box, it’s this: Did the writers know at the time they introduced it that this would be when they reveal its contents? Technically, we know that it’s still not confirmed that they are going to showcase the box in this episode, but we’re hopeful. A good example of something similar to this is in season 2 of The Office Jim was going to give Pam a Christmas card to tell her how he feels about her and then last minute decided to take the card back – that card showed up again near the end of the show’s run and it was years of waiting to know what was said in that card. Even though they still didn’t reveal what exactly he said, the moment was still just as effective as if she read it out loud to us.

Even if you don’t care about the box…

There’s still a lot to love about this episode — action, romance, and the possibility of returning characters! You can see what Eric Christian Olsen had to say about one in Hetty over here.

Of course we care about the box, and we want to hear your theories as to what’s in it below! (Photo: CBS.)

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