NCIS: Los Angeles: Is Linda Hunt returning for Deeks, Kensi wedding?

Linda HuntThe wedding of Deeks and Kensi is coming on NCIS: Los Angeles this Sunday, and as exciting as that is, there’s obviously another big question ringing in the minds of many fans: Will Linda Hunt be back for it?

We’ve done our best over the past few months to cushion ourselves for the possibility that she will not be there — and for good reason. Hunt’s not away from the show because she wants to be. Instead, she’s away from the show because she had to be. It was a part of her recovery from a car accident this past summer — asking her to come back before she’s ready isn’t cool, and with so little public news on her recovery, we’ve never wanted her to rush things along… even for an event as big as this one.

Yet, of course we want her at the wedding. Everyone wants her at the wedding! Hetty is a huge part of the Kensi – Deeks story, as she is for every character on NCIS: Los Angeles. She’s the mother figure for the team, the stabilizing force despite all of her International Woman of Intrigue quirks. She’s a master of secrets, she has contacts all over the world, and while she may not look physically intimidating, she’s the last person you want to anger. Light that fuse and there’s trouble coming for you on the other side and it won’t be pretty.

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CBS is not confirming that Hunt will be back for the wedding, but there’s starting to be some mounting evidence via a couple of sources.

1. The promo – We’ve discussed this already, but there are a couple of hints of here of a Hetty return. You’ve got CBS Narrator Guy teasing a surprise return and beyond that, there’s also a car that crashes through a mystery building, driven by a faceless driver. (We should rephrase that — the driver has a face, but we’re not able to see it.) We also wonder if Hetty is officiating the wedding, since you never get a good look at the officiant and they seem to have a similar hairdo to Hunt from the back.

2. Eric Christian Olsen’s new tease on the subject – He didn’t give every morsel away in an interview with TVLine, but the quote below is, shall we say, intriguing:

“The only people missing Linda more than the fans is me. So, nothing would make me happier than her coming back — and I sound pretty happy, right?”

There have been rumors of a possible Hunt return later this season, so all of the intel falls right in line with that. There’s also just simply this to consider: That Hunt loves doing the show and of course would like to be back on set, surrounded by her colleagues and friends. We feel like after doing a show for more or less a decade, your feelings towards your cast-mates have to be as sunny and warm as the Southern California sky.

We’re not sure that we’ve been as excited for an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles as this one — at least in terms of an hour designed to give everyone a smile.

We’ll have more coverage leading up to the big wedding, but the question that we’ve got for you now is simple: Do you want to see Hetty back? Let us know in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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