Is Gotham new tonight on Fox? Bane anticipation + more

GothamIs Gotham new tonight on Fox? We’re going to touch on that within this piece while also oozing some excitement over what we know to be coming up around the corner — the villain and the beast otherwise known as Bane.

Let’s go ahead and get the bad stuff out of the way now — there is no new episode of Gotham on the air tonight. We’re all forced to take a break, and so in the meantime we want to keep building up the massive Gotham City Hype Machine for the official arrival of this iconic Batman villain. We’ve seen him before as Eduardo Dorrance, but never in this particular form. Bane is a physical force, a tactician, and someone out for mass destruction after what happened to him previously. Walker saved him and then Hugo Strange “recreated” him into his new, monstrous form. The show clearly took its time diving into this version of the character and you can easily argue that he is one of the final Big Bads. He serves as one of Gotham’s biggest tests and a sky high hurdle for Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon need to leap over. We just wish we could say that there was peace on the other side.

As incredibly entertaining as Gotham is (seriously, the final season is awesome), it’s actually easy to look at the story right now and comment on just how dark it really is. Think about this for a minute — we’ve spent the better part of five years watching stories about people desperate to make a broken, dilapidated city better. We’ve been searching for that sunlight in the rubble when in the back of our mind we already know that there’s just more darkness underneath. We’re flash-forwarding at the end of the series finale to the early days of Batman, where (you guessed it) there are still villains running amok and a city still in chaos.

You’re watching a story with no clear happy ending — it’s more of a story about continuance, of characters just trying to survive knowing that there’s only so long they will be able to come up for air.

What all to prepare for…

Three more episodes. That alone should send a chill down your spine if Bane doesn’t. This means just three opportunities to see how the writers want to tie this all together, and really only two episodes until the Dark Knight makes his dark debut. Within these episodes, you could very well see the birth of Barbara Gordon, appearances from more classic characters, and eventually a whole different sort of Cameron Monaghan character. As much as he was hyped-up entering this season, his appearances have been few and far between. We get it, given that even when he was Jerome, he was most effective coming in like an angry blaze before eventually burning out and hiding away. It’s hard to maintain a long-term storyline with someone who thinks and acts at roughly the same time. That’s in contrast to Penguin, who is as meticulous a thinker and planner as you are going to find within the world of Batman villains.

While you are forced to twiddle your thumbs and wait for whatever else the writers have planned, remember that there’s an exceptional trailer for what lies ahead at this link!

Are you bummed that Gotham isn’t on the air tonight?

Let us know what you want to see on the series coming up below! (Photo: Fox.)

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