Top Chef season 17 renewal, premiere date hopes

Top Chef season 15 -As we approach tonight’s Top Chef finale, we come bearing many questions related to season 17. Take, for example, whether or not it is actually going to happen.

To answer that question, we don’t need more than just one word: Yes. There will be a season 17. Note that this is not official confirmation from the network, but we’re talking here about a signature franchise for Bravo with a largely-upscale audience and a whole brand centered around it. Bravo canceling Top Chef would be like them canceling The Real Housewives of Atlanta or one of their other signature shows on the schedule — they’d be completely out of their mind, almost as if they’d devoured a dish constructed entirely out of psychedelic mushrooms.

As for when the season 17 renewal will come out, likely over the next couple of months. It will film later this year (if it holds true for some past filming schedules) and then premiere at the end of the year. It is true that Bravo is a little behind their own pace from last year, as in 2018 they announced that Top Chef: Kentucky would be happening in February.

So what are they having to figure out for season 17? For starters, a great location. We know that they like to visit different regions every year so that each one has its own unique flavor — yet, they’re admittedly running out of new spots at this point! CarterMatt does come bearing a few new suggestions…

Portland – Think about weird, crazy food culture and there’s almost nowhere better to go than here! While the show’s been to the Pacific Northwest before in Seattle, Portland’s got its own crazy thing going on and out of everywhere in the country, we’re the most surprised that there isn’t any filming going on here.

New Mexico – Albuquerque and Santa Fe have a vibrant, eclectic Southwest food scene, one that has blossomed in recent years and combine Mexican, American, and Native American culinary traditions. If you’re looking for a totally different palette than Kentucky, this would be a great place to go.

Atlanta – How has Top Chef never done a season here? We understand that they’ve shown a lot of Southern food as of late with Charleston and Kentucky, but Atlanta definitely has its own unique culinary vibe and is one of the largest food scenes in the country. It’s also a production hotbed so it doesn’t seem like they’d be pretty welcoming to the filming crew.

Detroit – There are some cool, hip new eateries in Detroit featuring a lot of trained chefs looking to give back to the communities that made them. The show hasn’t really been to the Midwest like this in a long time and Detroit’s got a lot of culture and history; plus, it’s not too far from Milwaukee and you could probably do a challenge or two there.

Maine – Want to do Top Chef: Lobster Edition? It’s a little close to Boston and it may be a little rustic, but it definitely comes with its own culture. Also, filming in New England during the spring/summer is probably preferable than going somewhere super-warm like Atlanta or New Mexico.

Wild card choice – Miami. We understand Top Chef has already been there, but if they’re going to revisit a spot, this makes sense given that it’s been well over a decade. We’d also throw in Chicago or Las Vegas as good repeat choices given their size and scope.

Do you want to see a Top Chef season 17 happen, and where would you like to see it set? Sound off right now in the comments! (Photo: Bravo.)

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