The Blacklist season 6 episode 11 video: Will Reddington die?

The BlacklistFriday night’s The Blacklist season 6 episode 11 is set to be hailstorm of drama — and it’s all coming down on Raymond Reddington. He’s got no umbrella, no sign of the sky clearing, and crap is just falling all over him. Does he have a way to escape? Does he have an emergency umbrella that can protect him? We’ll get to that in a moment, but let’s just say in advance that it’s going to be dicey.

Entering this episode, the stakes are at an all-time high — Reddington is being dragged to death’s door. All of the work he did with the FBI, all of the money he’s made is about to go straight down the drain. His legacy will be a criminal mastermind and dead man. Nothing more. What did he want out of his life in the first place? We think that legacy has a lot to do with it. For years, he built and honed this reputation as one of the world’s most-notorious criminals; yet, that alone was not enough. Why else turn himself in? There was some element of dissatisfaction that he had. Maybe he envisioned the way that this was all going to go in advance, with himself staring a lethal injection in the face. With being a “reformed” criminal and informant, Reddington may have thought he could create a new paradigm for himself. He’s done that and now, he wants to extend that good will. He wants to find something else to look towards other than the Grim Reaper.

Luckily for him, we know that someone critical is entering his orbit Friday. Think in terms of Harold Cooper.

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In the sneak peek below from Friday’s “Bastien Moreau,” you can see Cooper arrive the day before Reddington’s planned execution with his version of a Hail Mary — going to the President in hopes of getting a commuted sentence. The Commander-in-Chief is one of the few people who could intervene … but we’re not sure that they would ever want to. Just think for a moment or two about optics — if you are the President, doesn’t it look positively horrendous to commute the sentence of one of the biggest known criminals in the world? At a certain point, it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing for the good of society; all people will see here is “President commutes really bad dude” the moment it’s revealed. That’s career suicide if the President (even in fictional The Blacklist world) decides to do this.

Obviously, Reddington’s not banking on Cooper’s plan, which is why he’s got his own plan. You get a small sense of this at the end of the sneak peek and it involves the FBI Task Force working to rob a major bank in Luxembourg. This will be the thing that saves him. A bank robbery. We’re slightly inclined to buy into Reddington’s thinking, largely because if there’s any thing that Reddington cares about more than ulterior motives and distractions, it’s his own mortality. As much as the man may try to shirk vulnerability, he is likely still scared for his future. He just may not want to admit it. He needs this plan to work and he doesn’t have time to point the Task Force in an alternate direction.

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