Gotham season 5 episode 10 trailer: Brace yourself for Bane

GothamWhen Gotham season 5 episode 10 arrives on Fox come Thursday, March 21, there is going to be hell to pay — and we’re not sure that we’ve ever been more excited.

One of the things that you have to give this show a heck of a lot of credit for is finding a way to make every episode feel special. The promotional department is top-notch, especially when they give you trailers like the one that Cartermatt has for you below. This is the foundation for “I Am Bane,” an installment that features the full transformation of one Eduardo Dorrance into someone monstrous and someone borderline unstoppable in Bane. There’s a part of that same man here, but he’s changed since Hugo Strange got his hands on him. He still has an army but now he is a far more terrifying leader than before. He’ll kill you in a snap and won’t hesitate to make the tough decision. For now, his goal seems to be to help purge out this city altogether. He seems fine operating under a currency of destruction, and certainly has no fear of anyone who crosses his path.

As for what we know about this episode, be prepared for at least one version of an iconic comic-book scene with Bane, as well as the producers seemingly out to jam as much content in here as possible. One of Bane’s targets is Barbara Kean, which leads to a truly insane scene in which Lee Thompkins pushes Barbara (soon to give birth) around on a wheelchair while Barbara also shoots at people with a set of guns. There is about 0.0001% of shows that could pull something this crazy off, but Gotham can do just about anything and make it seem completely normal. It celebrates its inner chaos and revels in its own madcap nature — especially more than it used to.

The dire shame here is mostly that there are only a few episodes of Gotham remaining and through that, only so long for Bane to reign supreme. The end of the series is really closing in so much faster than we ever imagined it would. It feels like there should be another dozen or so episodes to go, but that is also probably the point. Gotham is cultivating a feeling in this final season of “we’re sure you want more.” Whether or not we ever get that is up for debate, but at least Gotham is ending with that enthusiasm out there. Better to go out on a high than a resounding thud (not that we think there could ever be one with this colorful cast of characters).

When Gotham returns, be prepared for Bane. Be prepared for fear. Be prepared for the road to closure, where the series finale gives you teases of what the future could be like. In a word, be prepared for everything. We know that we aren’t ready for the end, but we just love living in this world so much that we don’t want to let it go.

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