Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Weaponizing Maki

MakiHere’s something from the Big Brother Canada 7 live feeds today that we absolutely did not see coming: Potentially keeping Maki in the game over Kyra, mostly for the sake of making a possible future move. Not even a guaranteed move, mind you; it’s just a move that could end up happening.

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So here’s some of what transpired today that has led to the newest bout of massive paranoia/massive waffling among a lot of the houseguests. Sam had a conversation with Maki earlier, and following that Adam learned that she told him more information than she really should have. Some of the other guys in the Pretty Boys (Dane, Mark, and Anthony) are jumping on this and now considering this a prime opportunity to get Kyra out of the game and to then use Maki as a means of getting out Sam. The idea is to have Maki do or say the right things and then weaponize him to have him take care of their problem for them — getting rid of the biggest distraction that Adam has to this alliance.

There’s a part of this we totally love — it’s really quite diabolical and it’s such a different sort of way to target a showmance than we’re used to seeing … but it’s almost smart, seeing that showmances tend to have an easy advantage when you are doing so much time together (plus doing things that you probably wouldn’t do with your typical allies).

It’s really hard to say whether or not this plan could work, mostly because there’s been almost CONSTANT back and forth as to who to take out this week. We are seeing a little more of Maki campaigning now, which is smart, but Kyra’s been at this for a while. A part of this could just come down to the fact that Dane’s wanted Kyra out since the start of the week, and if some of the other guys realize that getting rid of Maki would be going against his wishes, they may not want to do that and cause strife in their alliance so soon.

We see this decision as rather simple: Either the Pretty Boys get a potential short-term ally in Kyra and potentially another person Adam could be linked to, or they cut off a potential option for Adam, Sam, and Chelsea at the expense of leaving a threat in the game. It’s all fascinating stuff and that’s why there has been so much indecision for virtually the entirety of the week. That’s also why we don’t see the plan to weaponize Maki sticking, even if it would be kind of fun.

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