The Flash season 5 episode 16 review: Is Grace really the new Cicada?

Flash season 5 episode 2At the center of tonight’s The Flash season 5 episode 16 was a key question of the Cure: Would Cicada take it? Would Cicada even want to? This is a guy who seemingly has had no problem sapping meta-humans of their lives and continuing his path of destruction.

Unfortunately for Barry and Team Flash, time was running out for them being able to actually overtake this guy. According to Nora and the infamous headlines-from-the-future, this was going to be the last time in which Barry would be able to stop him. Past this point, Cicada may go in the wind. They had to think quick and beyond that, they also needed a compelling argument. They had to find a way to get through to a guy who was doing the evil equivalent of putting his hands over his ears and yelling “la la la la” so he doesn’t have to hear anyone.

We’ve seen The Flash give many epic, and motivational speeches to stop baddies from doing baddie things, but Barry’s didn’t work on Cicada about the cure. Instead, he just attacked him before doing his same ridiculous teleport-escape trick that he always does. What happened? Consider this Barry being The Flash when he really should’ve just been Barry. He should’ve zigged when he zagged and because of that, he needed some help in tracking down. Enter Joe and Cecile.

We knew that we loved these two romantically, but who would’ve ever imagined that having them as partners in the field could be so much fun? Joe initially was insecure over the fact that his decades’ worth of interrogation training were rendered useless by someone who recently developed powers. Still, Joe realized that cutting off Cecile, his #1 source of info, was a bad look. They were able to work together to get some good info on Orlin’s whereabouts via the nefarious doctor, the same one who’s been helping him out of vengeance.

Barry’s second chance

This time around, Barry found himself approaching Cicada as a father rather than a superhero. This was an opportunity for him to heal not only him, but then also Grace. He had to reveal his mask (here we go again), but he was able to convince Orlin to come in and take the cure provided that a few conditions were met … including that his doctor was there to ensure there was no funny business. Also, that he could have his dagger nearby in case he needed to murder everyone in sight.

Did it work? It seemed to! Or, that’s what it looked like before someone burst through one of the windows … and that person was Cicada? Finding out this person’s identity was obviously a big mystery in its own right … but it doesn’t really matter since this person was a total killing machine (minus the actual killing). They didn’t actually murder anyone (at least at first), but instead completely came in and ripped apart STAR Labs. The doctor, alas, was eventually not so lucky.

What did Cicada 2.0 want? Think in terms of Cicada 1.0. Also, the new Cicada is an adult version of Grace, which confirms ALL of the theories that are running amok out there.

What matters in the future

At the start of the episode, we saw Eobard warn Nora that things were changing in the timeline, and that there’s something coming for them that they will have to figure out a proper way to handle. What that something was, unfortunately, is shrouded in mystery for now. But, things are changing and those things could eventually involve Nora needing to have a serious talk with her dad.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Flash season 5 episode 16 brought the emotion, the drama, and the showdown for the ages. What we did appreciate about it, though, was that it wasn’t just about watching two people slugging it out. Stopping him was more about strategy and social skills.

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