FBI episode 17 return date: A serial killer hunt in ‘Apex’

FBIIf you find yourself interested in learning the FBI episode 17 return date at CBS, we’re happy to supply that — and then also some more details for what’s coming. This is an episode you’re going to want to watch (yes, even more than usual), mostly because of what Maggie and Dana are up against. We’ve seen these two, plus the rest of the team, take on a number of notorious criminals of all sorts — the scope of the FBI isn’t exactly limited.

So what makes this one different? Two words: Serial killer. There is always an intense public fascination in these sort of cases, and adding that layer to “Apex” will make it all the more dramatic. You’re probably going to have the bureau being forced to take care of stuff that they don’t want to be forced to deal with — think along the lines of the presence of the press or of politicians trying to dictate the right and wrong ways to do their job. Add to all of this the possibility that the killer does kill again before they are tracked down and it’s abundantly clear that this is a case that could leave the agents aching for some stress relief. (Can someone deliver a box full of fidget spinners directly to the office?)

Here’s the bad news: This episode isn’t coming next week. Yeah, we know we just had a hiatus, but this just in: CBS doesn’t really care about throwing episodes around on the schedule like darts on a board. They just want to prohibit long hiatuses while also keeping episodes around until May. This is the way that they’ve found works best for them and, when you look at the ratings, it’s hard to argue with it. “Apex” is airing on Tuesday, March 26, the same exact night that both NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans are all returning to the air. (Hey, at least CBS is consistent with all three of their Tuesday shows, right?)

For a few more details all about what you can expect, we suggest that you take a look at the FBI episode 17 synopsis right away:

“Apex” – Maggie and Dana struggle to find justice for victims murdered by a serial killer who left a ghoulish mark on all of his victims, while the mayor limits the investigation in order to prevent economical loss, on FBI, Tuesday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

This at least offers up a sense of what makes this serial killer horrible — beyond, of course, the obvious fact that they are a serial killer. This episode should test Maggie, Dana, OA, and pretty much everyone else … but we hope that there is staying power on the other side. The major critique you can offer a show like FBI is the same that you can offer a lot of shows in the crime procedural vein: Not enough resonate in your instant-gratification TV brain weeks after the fact.

What do you want to see on FBI episode 17?

Are you disappointed that you’re going to have to wait for it? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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