Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4: Five players to watch

Edge of ExtinctionAs we move ever closer to Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4, it should be obvious that the tribe swap will set this game on fire. How could it not? We’re talking here about a semi-annual event of excellence, fantastic drama, and new tribal dynamics. There are always a player or two who are eliminated mostly on the basis of bad luck, but also a player or two who rise to the surface and show what they’re really capable of. This is where legends are born … to make this sound like the most ridiculous and hyperbolic thing imaginable.

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Aubry Bracco – Out of the returning players, she is in the most intriguing spot at the tribe swap. She goes from being on the bottom to being a potentially-interesting cog in a new tribe. She could flip on her old group if she thinks that this could serve her the best; or, she could be a number that the former Kama people cannot afford to lose. Even if she is in danger, she has an immunity idol that she could use to save herself or a valuable ally … though we’re not sure Aubry is close enough to anyone to play an idol on them for now.

Wardog DaSilva – Wardog is one of the players who you should be most worried about at the time of the swap, given that he was a reasonably-dominant player on the Manu tribe. Typically, strong players on minority tribes are easy targets after a swap if the opposite tribe has the numbers. You know he’s physical, and you should be able to figure out that he’s smart. We’ve seen Wardog go out of his way to keep Kelley Wentworth around; this will be a good test of if he can really protect himself.

Wendy Diaz – On the flip side, Wendy’s almost the kooky, non-returnee version of Aubry with no idol. Even though she’s injured, she’s still a strong swimmer who can help a tribe. She also could be a valuable number and a strong candidate to flip — while Aubry may be a little more wary to do that because of the long-term implications, Wendy is the sort who would make the move and think more about some of the complications of it later.

Victoria Baamonde – Victoria, like many Kama tribe members, has not been shown off all that much. When we’ve seen her, though, we’ve seen her showing no love to returning players. If she ends up on a tribe with Joe or Aubry, it’s not all that hard for her to become an easy target — they know that she doesn’t want to work with them and, while we’re sure Manu would prefer to get rid of a returning player, it’s probably better to vote off Victoria than see one of themselves leave the game.

David Wright – We started with a returning player, so why not end with a returning player? David in our mind thrives in larger tribes because there are more places for him to hide — whether it’s behind a larger target or for him to just constantly navigate. With small tribes, he won’t be able to mask his game anywhere near as much. He managed to persevere through this after the swap on Millennials vs. Gen X, but we think he was a little more accustomed to being a target on that season than he is now.

If you missed it – Check out a video preview for Wednesday night’s new episode now, over at the link here.

Who are you watching out for entering Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4?

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