Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3 video: Tribe swap discussion

WendyAs we approach Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3, one thing feels clear: The tribe swap coming up should be all sorts of amazing. We’ve got one group of players who’ve yet to experience Tribal Council (sans Joe and Aubry), and then one other who’ve been there every time.

Any time that you mix groups together like this, you’re going to have some entertaining results. Also add to this some of the specific players who are involved. Take, for example, Wendy. It’s pretty rare that we see a player try so hard to get themselves voted out only for them to continue to stay in the game. In episode 1, she lucked out because Reem was so abrasive. In episode 2, she lucked out because Keith did terrible in the immunity challenge. In episode 3, she lucked out because 1) Chris screwed up in his conversation with Wardog and 2) David Wright has now decided that there is a certain value in keeping her in the game. She’s the sort of player who he wants because she’s loyal … even if she hid the flint and now seems to be releasing the chickens into the wild.

Quick reminder – This is why Survivor keeps putting live animals in the game! They want people to fight over them and they realize that there are a lot of people with bleeding hearts. (For the record, we also have a bleeding heart; we probably wouldn’t spoken up in fear of getting voted out, but we wouldn’t have been there for the chicken-killing either.)

Obviously, Wendy was going to be an easy target for being voted off on her old tribe, but what makes her spot so interesting now is that she’s going to have a lot of power. She can flip over to the other tribe! Or, some Manu tribe people may need her when they didn’t think they did before. She’ll also be so obviously on the outs with her old group that it’s hard to envision her a threat.

Where things get interesting from a returning-player standpoint is that you could say the same thing about Jo and Aubry from the Kama tribe. They were obviously on the bottom of that group but were safe, largely because they continued to win. They could easily join a few Manu people and vote out their old group … if they can. It’s obviously going to be a little bit harder when you’ve got a giant mental sign hanging over you reading I’ve already played this game before and am an enormous threat because of it. They may not be able to blind in as well.

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Who’s in real trouble?

Think people like Wardog, like Kelly Wentworth, and even like David Wright. Returning players who seemed to have a good standing on their old tribe are in danger, as are people thought of either physical threats or in good alliances. That’s why it’s never that great to be in a super power position early on. Your game can fly the coop just like these chickens.

What do you want to see when it comes to Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4, and what sort of craziness do you think could happen after the swap? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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