Project Blue Book season 2 premiere date hopes for History series

Project Blue Book

With tonight’s finale on the horizon, doesn’t now feel like the best time to discuss a Project Blue Book season 2 premiere date?

The obviously great news to remind you of first is that there will be a season 2 coming onto History in the future. That was confirmed a number of weeks ago, much to the joy of those who appreciate this series’ approach to paranormal studies and those who search for the truth. It’s a subject matter that has not seen this sort of approach before; it’s a true-to-life X-Files set years in the past and with a fantastic cast from top to bottom.

As for whether or not the season 1 ratings continue to justify the show’s performance, we would argue so and then some. We’re looking at averages of a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and then also over 1.68 million viewers. These are not numbers that will completely shatter television, but they show that there is still value in scripted television on cable in 2019. Viewers will still check it out live, even if we are in the Time-Shifted Universe more so than ever before. (We can’t tell you how many readers we’ve heard from that are sick of commercials and don’t want to watch them anymore … even though commercials are one of the only reasons why we’re able to get quality television on the air at all.)

Based on the timing of the renewal, coupled with the airing schedule of season 1, our expectation is for the Project Blue Book season 2 premiere date to be in early 2020. It’s unrealistic and/or possibly rushed for it to come before then, and we’ll be happy if more arrives in January or February in next year. One of the other recent trends we’ve noted over the years is long hiatuses between seasons. With higher production values come, of course, longer periods in which to make new episodes. TV is more artistic and cinematic than ever and if there’s one thing we know about movies, it’s that they take a long time to make.

When will more Project Blue Book season 2 details to be announced?

Think in terms of the summer, or maybe over the fall. There’s no hurry for History to speed into any further announcement because of the season 2 timeline, and they also want to make sure they build momentum at a crawl rather than a sprint. Why hurry along news when there’s no reason to hurry along news? Take your time and deliver the announcements in the best way you can.

Also, let us all take in another deep breath at the news that we are getting a season 2 of the show in the first place. Project Blue Book could’ve easily been yet another broadcast / cable TV casualty, a great show cut down before its time because it didn’t have a franchise property behind it or people clamoring that they would watch it on Netflix and Netflix only. It found a way to make things work, and now there is a chance that another chapter in this blue book is coming before long.

What do you want to see on Project Blue Book season 2, and do you have any thoughts on the specific ratings at present? Share now in the comments. (Photo: History.)

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