The Good Doctor season 2 finale review: A Shaun, Carly surprise

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Tonight’s The Good Doctor season 2 finale kicked off with Dr. Shaun Murphy in a horrible spot. At the start of the hour, we saw Shaun get into a fight at a bar with another man who was clearly upset — if you are drinking at ten in the morning, you know that something’s terribly wrong.

In the aftermath of this, it was clear that something was wrong with Shaun. He was struggling in a way that he usually isn’t, and it wasn’t just him struggling because he lost his job. There were aftereffects of the fight that stuck with him, but it wasn’t until the halfway point of the finale when we started to get a sense as to his dire condition.

Then, there was also the matter of the guy who started said fight. Because Shaun still is a doctor (even if he wasn’t presently employed), he still wanted to help him. He did his research, monitored the patient, and eventually was able to figure out precisely what was wrong with him. The problem? Nobody was around to hear it before he passed out — “Trampoline’ was the only clue and fittingly, that was the episode’s title. After Shaun passed out, it became the other doctors’ responsibility to figure out what exactly was wrong.

This is where we celebrate the brilliance of Dr. Claire Browne. She may not have figured out what was going on with the patient right away, but eventually, she was able to figure it out — he could have a deadly aneurysm and because of that, he needed to be treated immediately and he was. When Shaun woke up, there wasn’t anything that he had to do other than rest.

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Could Shaun get his job back?

On the other side of his medical crisis, this was still an issue that lingered. Dr. Andrews wanted to bring him back, and was pushing for Dr. Han in order to make it happen. The unfortunately issue is that Dr. Han didn’t care. He apparently knew someone else in his life who was on the spectrum and that person died. He wanted Dr. Murphy to do a job in a way that suited him and Shaun didn’t.

Eventually, the issue boiled down to this: Whether or not Dr. Han would stay or Dr. Murphy would. Dr. Andrews ran the risk of looking foolish in firing Dr. Han after making a big investment in him, but he went ahead and did that anyway. Now, Dr. Andrews’ career is in jeopardy and he really doesn’t care.

So with Dr. Han gone, that posed another important question: Who would be the new Chief of Surgery? While Dr. Melendez realized that it may stop his relationship with Dr. Lim from happening, he still fought for her to get the job … and she did!

The end of the story

In the closing minutes of the finale, we saw Dr. Murphy sporting his best suit and with that, we thought he was going to be asking out Lea. That wasn’t exactly the case. Instead, he asked out Carly from the hospital! She assisted Shaun during his time in pathology, and it does seem like the two of them have a future together. (Given what we saw a little bit earlier on in the episode, we actually thought we were gearing up for something with Shaun and Claire near the end — but we like the idea of Carly since she’s someone new.)

For Dr. Glassman, it looks like his love life is getting back on track! That monologue between him and Debbie Wexler at the end of the episode was extraordinary, sweet, and special. It ended with him proposing to her and she said yes! This paves the way potentially for a sweet, romantic future … one that we are excited to see.

When could The Good Doctor season 3 premiere?

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