Is The Resident new tonight? Bracing for season 2 episode 17

The ResidentIs The Resident new tonight on Fox? We understand having some frustrations with the network — they’re making it REALLY hard to keep track of when the Matt Czuchry show is actually on the air. You have a new episode, a hiatus, a new episode, and then another hiatus — it’s all over the map.

Unfortunately, today the show is flipping in an undesirable direction — it’s not on the air. We’re in the middle of another break, but hopefully it’ll be the last one for a bit. With 9-1-1 finally returning to the air on March 18, there’s more of an incentive to air new episodes of The Resident in succession. As a matter of fact, that’s actually one of the reasons why you haven’t had as much of the show as of late! The folks over at Fox have been trying to save new episodes to try to boost its ratings and also 9-1-1‘s. After all, it benefits the two shows to air one right after the next.

CarterMatt can confirm that you’re going to get at least two episodes moving forward this month — “Betrayal” on March 18 and then also “Emergency Contact” on March 25. Fox hasn’t released any press info beyond that, but there could be a new episode on April 1.

Shifting gears…

Let’s discuss now the promo for “Betrayal,” given that this is the episode where everything could finally be hitting the fan with Quovadis. We know, we know — The Resident has been almost the medical-device-company-protestor who cried wolf on this issue. Right when it starts to seem like the writers are going to shut the door on this subject, they find a way to bring it back. At least we’re at a point now where Dr. Bell and the rest of the staff know that the company’s bad news; the next order of business is actually doing something about it and working to thwart Gordon Page once and for all.

In the early going of this episode, priority #1 will be making sure that Abe (AJ’s former mentor and sole leak into the Quovadis operation) is okay. What happened to him is straight out of a gangster movie and it’s further proof that Quovadis is the medical-device mafia. We don’t know how you needed more proof after Julian’s car was run into a freaking body of water! Speaking of Julian, signs point to the March 25 episode finally making it clear what happened to her — this has long been one of the show’s most-infuriating mysteries, mostly because it felt like it could be addressed all the way back in the mid-season premiere.

Here’s one more thing to worry about

The fate of Marshall’s father. For the second time this season (this seems to be a recurring theme), his life is on the line. The circumstances are different now, and there’s probably no guarantee he’ll emerge still intact until Quovadis is thwarted once and for all. Prepare yourself for an epic showdown of doctors vs. billionaires, one that on paper seems pretty lop-sided; yet, after seeing some of the stuff Conrad’s done for his patients, we’re not betting against him.

Disappointed that The Resident season 2 episode 17 isn’t on the air tonight? What do you want to see next? Be sure to share now in the comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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