The Good Doctor season 2 finale: Should there be a cliffhanger?

The Good DoctorThe Good Doctor season 2 finale is set to arrive on ABC on Monday night, and we would be lying if we were to say there were no nerves. There are a ton of nerves! How can there not be when you consider the situation that Shaun Murphy is in? We still don’t know if he is going to be okay, let alone if he is going to get his job back.

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For a discussion on his specific health condition, we suggest that you venture back over to the link here and check out the promo for what’s coming. In that video, you can see a bar fight turn into something severe for Shaun, and for him to be hospitalized and badly injured as a result. We’ve spelled this out before, but we think it bears repeating: How do you have The Good Doctor without the title character? The main concern we have is not necessarily Shaun’s short-term condition, but instead his long-term future. We’re also concerned about what sort of anxiety the cliffhanger is going to give all us as viewers collectively … if there is a cliffhanger. It just seems like there are three

1. Shaun ends up okay, and also gets his job back – This is what we like to call the pie-in-the-sky outcome, the one that we’d certainly LOVE to see but also the one that we don’t want to get overly optimistic about. This is not the sort of show where we tend to get super-lucky about this sort of stuff all the time, so we don’t want to bank on everything coming up roses.

2. Shaun ends up okay, but his job status is in jeopardy – We wouldn’t be shocked if season 3 started with Shaun working somewhere else while still fighting to get his way to the St. Bonaventure Hospital. Given what happened to cause his dismissal, it’s going to be tough to envision a way where Dr. Han, let alone anyone, lets him in with open arms.

3. Shaun gets his job back, but remains hospitalized – Honestly, label this as “almost impossible.” We don’t really see a scenario in which this happens since his hospitalization seems based on an incident at a bar.

4. Shaun doesn’t get his job back, and remains hospitalized – This is your darkest-timeline ending where we don’t get resolution on anything until the fall. While we’d like to at least see his condition improve, it’s just one episode. We have a certain feeling that even if he’s discharged, he won’t be his old self. He may not even be that until deep into season 3 if his employment status remains the same.

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