God Friended Me episode 16 review: Did Cara, Miles kiss?

God Friended Me 16
Given how God Friended Me episode 16 was set around an Italian restaurant, it really felt appropriate that there was some amore mixed in there somewhere. It also took quite a journey to make it happen.

The chemistry between Miles and Cara is on another level. It’s been that way for a while. So why weren’t the two able to treat their date as romantic? From the moment that they stepped outside, the parameters were different. There was no God Account to fall back on, and they had to see each other as people. This put too much pressure on them; it was cutting off a major part of their identity and then trying to force the two to figure it out. For the better part of the date, it didn’t work.

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The cure-all for all things Miles and Cara, though, is a mission. What the two had to realize within this episode is that they can still be themselves and also still date. They don’t need to sit awkwardly at an Italian restaurant and pretend like the God Account is anything other than the thing that first brought them together. It’s one of the most important reasons why they are! Without it, nothing would have ever even started in the first place.

The Italian restaurant we mentioned earlier is, for the record, how the two had their first kiss, but there is some ground to cover before circling back to that. The Friend Suggestion of the week was Sophia, an aspiring Italian chef who just so happened to be the daughter of a prominent restaurant owner — one who specialized in the same food that his family had been cooking up for generation. In his mind, there was no reason for him to change recipes, and he wasn’t all to keep to listen to feedback. That’s one of the reasons why she wanted to start up her own restaurant with more experimental, artistic fare. Before long, though, she discovered problems right around every corner.

If there is a critique to make about this episode, it’s that the big twist was somewhat predictable: Someone was trying to sabotage her. The twist within the twist, however, was that it was not her father — it was someone else at the restaurant who realized that Sophia’s present could cause them to go out of business. Still, her dad didn’t want to be in business against his own daughter, and he also didn’t want to think that he was responsible in any way for her predicament. All of this led to him wanting to sell his own restaurant — which, in turn, led to him making the choice to invest in hers. His old restaurant was still open long enough for Miles and Cara to be there in the closing minutes, and follow the in-house tradition of kissing when they heard the Dean Martin song. (Just to be clear, this started as a “kiss between friends” after the date went south — it just turned into something SO much more.)

Is Arthur losing the church?

That’s been the fear ever since the new Reverend showed up on the scene, but for those immensely worried, here’s your chance to take a deep breath. While it turns out that the Diocese does want to make a change, it involves promoting Arthur to Bishop! The only reason Gaius Charles’ Reverend was brought in was to ensure that there was someone at the church who Arthur would be comfortable running when he eventually departed.

So, at least for now, there’s no reason to worry in terms of his future.

Is Henry Chase out to destroy Simon Hayes?

Through Rakesh’s storyline tonight there was an opportunity to see the extent of their rivalry, one that culminated in Rakesh having to scramble to protect Simon’s personal firewall from utter chaos. He was able to help his boss, but what he wasn’t able to do was fully determine whether or not Simon is actually in charge of the God Account. The more research that he does, and the more confident he is that he is the one running the ship.

CarterMatt Verdict

Miles and Cara are on their way! We’re confident in their future, though we also don’t think that it’s just going to get better and better from here. There will be bumps in the road since there ALWAYS are when you’re talking about relationships on TV.

As for this episode as a whole, the sabotage twist for Sophia was easy to predict but it’s hard to dispute the positive outcome of it, or the way the ending made us feel. These moments of joy, and the building of these relationships, are what God Friended Me as a show is all about.

What’s coming up next on God Friended Me?

For some more information, just be sure to head over here! Rest assured that there are some struggles with Simon Hayes ahead.

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