Is NCIS: Los Angeles new tonight? Kensi, Deeks wedding expectations

DensiIs NCIS: Los Angeles new tonight over on CBS? There’s definitely a lot to anticipate — think in terms of one of the biggest episodes ever! If you are a romantic at heart, your heart is likely about burst over the Deeks/Kensi wedding. This is a moment worth every promo in the world … but unfortunately, this is an episode that you will be waiting to see for one more week.

If you want to preview this episode in video form, take a look below! If you enjoy this, subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for other insight! We also have an official NCIS franchise playlist that is going to keep you constantly in the know. We certainly think that this is worth your time.

Since you are going to be waiting for a while, why not consider this article your Densi wedding appetizer? We’ve got for you below four different things that are essential to this episode being precisely what it should be, which is a top-ten episode in the history of this series (or even higher, if Deeks and Kensi are among the biggest reasons you watch).

1. Incredible vows – We’re pretty convinced that the ENTIRE wedding won’t be comprised of the wedding, so the writers really need to make the most of whatever time that they have. The best way to do that is to give these characters deep, meaningful vows that pull at your heartstrings and leave you remembering some of the romantic journey that got the two of them there. We want Easter eggs — and reasons to grab for the tissue box!

2. Notable guests – We know that Deeks’ mom will turn up, as will more of the regular cast. But what about other people from Deeks and Kensi’s past? We’ve seen in the promo for the episode (watch here) that there are a LOT of people attending the ceremony. Yet, how many of these people are just redshirt extras brought in to populate the wedding a little bit more? We’d like to see actual, memorable people who you remember from the past. Getting back a ton of guest stars is hard (these episodes do have budgets!), but just a few would fit the bill.

Also, there’s Hetty. Everyone wants her there. we’re sure that the producers even wanted her there. We just don’t have any indication that she 100% will be there. Linda Hunt’s been recovering from a car accident for the bulk of the season.

3. What lies ahead? – What’s happening with the honeymoon? When are they heading back to work? These are questions we’d love to get a sliver of information on, even if almost all of NCIS: New Orleans goes back to the normal the very next week. Weddings are special not just for the day itself, but also a number of the days that surround them.

4. Of course, a lot of what NCIS: Los Angeles does best – Think in terms of blowing a ton of stuff up. Don’t change the show from what it is! This is a procedural show and there will still be some sort of heavy action, procedural component to it where lives are threatened and someone grabs a gun. If you’re going to do this (which they almost certainly will), the only thing we ask is that the writers don’t just paint over the same of mission we’ve seen in the past. Give us a new creation — if the wedding is meant to be one of the most memorable within the history of NCIS: Los Angeles, the case itself should be a reflection of that.

Excited to see the wedding episode of NCIS: Los Angeles?

Let us know what some of your personal expectations are, whether it be in terms of romance or action, in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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