Is Victoria new tonight on PBS? The Jenna Coleman series’ future


Is Victoria new tonight on PBS? Given the dramatic way in which this past episode concluded, we definitely understand the clamor that is out there to receive something extra within this world. We want another hour or, at the very least, another minute with these characters. Even though their tales are told through the history books, there’s just something about seeing this fictional account that draws you right in. There’s just something magnetic that comes with being completely and utterly immersed.

Here is what makes this news a little bit harder to swallow: Victoria is done. There is no further story to tell tonight, and nor will there be for the next few months — at least if you are in America. If you are located within some other part of the world, you are going to have the luxury of seeing season 3 play out soon. We’re still rolling our eyes at the notion of Victoria coming on the air stateside so long before it comes on the air in Great Britain, mostly because Brits so often suffer having to wait for America-set series. We’re going to make them wait now for one of their own, as well?

For the time being, there’s actually no 100% guarantee that there will even be a Victoria season 4. It feels like a distinct possibility, mostly because it feels almost wrong for a show like this to just end (especially in the way in which the finale did) before waving and whistling its way off into the sunset. There is so much more that needs to be told. Don’t get us wrong — we’re not sitting here legitimately expecting to see every year of the famed Monarch’s life. We’re not even sure that this show will get to the point of Albert’s death! Nonetheless, there are still windows from this part of Victoria’s life that need to be peered into.

So what will make a season 4 happen? The performance of the show in the UK will be a factor. We know there is an audience there, and there has to be an audience there when you consider that this is one of those beyond-a-pretty-penny shows. Think about the costumes, the pageantry, the extras, the sets, and the actors. None of this comes cheap; few period dramas are, which is why it’s always a surprise that there are so many of them that end up getting a green light in the United Kingdom. Wouldn’t they want to do more normal-people series where everyone just lounges around in jeans with department-store furniture? Maybe it doesn’t have the glamour, and maybe that is something that British viewers yearn — and something that translates more around the world. It’s not lost on us here that with Victoria, we are absolutely talking about one of the most famous rulers of the past several centuries.

Before we go, let’s throw it out here that if you’re not watching Victoria, do start. Jenna Coleman is brilliant and this show takes on British history in a way that feels easy to digest, even if you are no scholar.

Disappointed that there is Victoria tonight?

And are you holding out hope for a season 4 to come at some point down the line? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: PBS.)

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