Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: The Veto winner! (day 8)

Big Brother Canada 7
We know now the Big Brother Canada 7 Veto winner of the week, and this one is someone you probably saw coming the moment you saw the Veto players picked.

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Just in case you didn’t see that earlier, though, let’s kick things off there: Adam, Anthony, and Chelsea joined the nominees in Kyra and Maki in competing for the competition. Head of Household Dane was not able to compete, which is another bizarre twist on a season that already has a lot of them. What does this accomplish, other than raising the odds, we suppose, of the Veto being used, is that it does create another layer of intrigue in the game. This season seems to just be throwing things against the wall and then seeing what happens. Experiments, right?

Anyhow, it’s official: Adam has the Power of Veto! This means that he’s basically won every competition he’s been eligible to take home, which adds even more incentive for people to come after him. Why is he the way that he is? We think that in the long-term, him winning here is probably good for the people who want to get him out — it’s more fuel for their personal fires to try to make a move on him. Also, Kyra doesn’t feel like they are altogether long for the game. They don’t really have a lot of consistent numbers.

What Maki, who is on the block alongside Kyra, really needs to do now is try to find a proper way to focus in on keeping himself safe … and leading a charge to take out Adam soon. We don’t like his idea of just letting Cory go next week when she can be a number for him. Just win the competition and target Adam when you need to target him! As good of a comp beast as he is, he’s not going to win everything and he’s likely untested in mental competitions.

So who is everyone else feeling about some of Adam’s recent challenge dominance? Feelings are mixed. Anthony, a part of his Pretty Boys alliance, seems fine with him being a big threat — it helps him stay safe, and subconsciously, he knows that this is someone to hide behind. However, Estefania and others just seem disappointed that someone is this dominant in the game. (We do have a message for them: Very little is actually far within the game of Big Brother — insert that classic Julie Chen gif that shows up all the time in the US seasons. We’re rooting for Estefania, she was our second-favorite preseason player in terms of winner odds, but find a way to vote him out. That’s the best strategy.)

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