Shameless season 10 premiere date hopes for William H. Macy, cast

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With the season 9 finale coming up soon on Showtime, what better time than the present to look at some Shameless season 10 premiere date possibilities?

Let’s start off this article with a reminder that there will, in fact, be Shameless season 10 coming up down the line. This is an announcement that was made earlier this year at TCA, following a pretty prolonged wait. There was at one point a sea of confusion surrounding the show’s future, one that began with the announced departure of Emmy Rossum. Losing her is a blow to the show, especially since she is considered to be much of the heart and soul of it. Fiona is the one Gallagher who really got it all together — she’s the inspirational figure of this story. Entering the finale, it was already clear that she would venture off to an unknown destination — we don’t think that there is much of a spoiler that comes in saying that.

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So where does he show go from here? Rossum may be gone, but for starters, Cameron Monaghan is back! He will be returning as a series regular in season 10, which means to us that Ian won’t be spending the better part of the next year in prison (unless, for whatever reason, Shameless ends up becoming like Orange is the New Black). This series will be able to go back and retain a certain part of the DNA that it had before this season … even if it is losing another major part along the way.

Season 10 will film throughout the coming months and could premiere as early as this fall. The biggest challenge for Shameless is obviously going to be finding a way to move on past Fiona, but the other part of it is finding a way to balance out the show’s many trainwrecks with legitimate development and progress. You have to keep that sense of blue-collar desperation in order for the show to still keep a little bit of its signature charm. Maybe Lip becomes a parent, maybe Debbie continues to figure herself, or maybe Frank’s injury heals. If any of this happens, it has to be offset with some other sort of obstacle that they will need to climb over.

As for whether or not Shameless season 10 will be the final season…

There is no official word as of yet, though we do remain hopeful that there is a little bit of gas left in the Gallaghers’ tank. So long as the right characters are there, you will always have potential to tell more unique stories within this world. It’ll be down to the ratings, the quality, and whether or not William H. Macy and several of the other people on this show continue to want to stay put. There is no sign of any major cast departure on the horizon just yet, but now that Rossum has departed, all other options appear to be on the table.

Mark your calendars for later this summer, as this is likely going to be when Showtime makes a little more of a firm decision on the future of Shameless as a whole.

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