Blue Bloods notes: The latest promo + Donnie Wahlberg’s insane work ethic

Blue Bloods season 9

We’ve got a couple of great Blue Bloods-related stories worth noting within this piece, but let’s kick things off with this: A reminder that Donnie Wahlberg may be one of the hardest-working dudes in this entire industry. Seriously. The more we learn about what he does, the all the more impressive it gets.

Earlier this week, Donnie made an appearance alongside his band New Kids on the Block on Good Morning America, where they all got together for a performance of “Boys in the Band.” We’ll always give any performer credit for doing the morning-show circuit (that involves a really early call time), but then you hear a story like this from Lou Diamond Phillips on Twitter.

Phillips is returning later this year as Delgado, Danny Reagan’s latest adversary, and what he says here is a prime reminder of why Donnie’s as successful as he is. The guy hustles! You got to work for everything in this industry, and it doesn’t really matter if you’ve already “made it” or not. There’s always another gear you can make it to or another goal that you are hoping to achieve.

We thought this was worth singling out because it’s a cool story, but we’ve got a hard time thinking that this is the only example out there of Donnie working around the clock. Long nights are also something that some various cast members of Blue Bloods are familiar with. A lot of crime happens at night; because of that, this show has to feel authentic, even if that means sticking the cast and crew into the freezing cold at two in the morning. (Luckily for some of the cast members, this show doesn’t have them running around too much outdoors … it’s just the sorta stuff that Danny would have to do.)

As for the latest promo…

Season 9 episode 17 airs on CBS Friday night and if you missed our preview last night, this episode is going to revolve in part around Frank coming face to face with his old pal Lenny … who may be bringing with him so most unwelcome news. Something happens that is going to make him feel betrayed and he’s going to have to tackle the emotional impact.

What makes this story so fascinating to us the unknown of it. Is there even anything that Frank will be able to do about an expose getting out about the old days of the NYPD? The police commissioner has broad powers, but even he has limits. The best thing he can do is either try to trust in his own social skills or trust in the abilities of the legal process — if Frank decides to even go that route. It’s going to just be difficult if he finds himself stuck in a situation where he’s on one side and Lenny on the other. He does not exactly have that many longtime friends.

What are you most excited to see on Blue Bloods next?

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