Lucifer season 4 trailer hopes: Four things that need inclusion

LuciferUnfortunately, a Lucifer season 4 trailer still has not hit the web … even though we’ve been trying to telepathically make it happen for the better part of the past two months. (Consider this a reminder that we possess to telepathic abilities.) There’s just so much to anticipate! It’s been over nine months since Tom Ellis and the remainder of this fabulous cast was on television and that is a long, long time to wait. The only thing that’s going to ease the waiting somewhat is some sort of video footage.

Some trailers are better than others. Remember that. There are many you stick on loop and still scream about the third or fourth time that you watch them. Meanwhile, there are others you shrug at and forget about almost entirely. Where is Lucifer going to land? Hopefully in the former group, and we do come bearing four suggestions to help make the show the best it can possibly be.

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1. The state of things with Lucifer and Chloe – If there’s not at least some shred of evidence in here about what’s going on, something is terribly wrong with this world! We gotta get another update on their relationship in the aftermath of the big Devil Face reveal, something that teases where they are at and also where they can go.

As we reported recently over here, we don’t see the aftermath of this reveal as cut and dry. Chloe may be willing to handle Lucifer being the literal Devil; she may not be so keen on all of the secrecy! (Yep, it’s 100% that Lucifer did say “I’m the devil” to her long before the Devil Face, but he’s gotta be aware that saying that does not mean that a regular person of Earth is going to believe him.)

2. Eve – Given the hype around Inbar Lavi as this character, Lucifer needs to find the time to show her off! Give us a sense of what she looks like in this world, how she behaves, and the history she’s got with Lucifer Morningstar. You can do that without dropping enormous spoilers on anybody’s lap.

3. Specific threats – Is it Graham McTavish’s character, a prominent priest named Father Kinley intent on protecting “his flock,” destined to be the Big Bad — or is he just a baddie that will last for a few episodes? Don’t give the story away, but show just what he means to this story. Also, showcase a couple of other characters along the way. Lucifer may be a bit more streamlined in its new, ten-episode format on Netflix, but this is still a story that revolves around cases. If the writers strip all of those away, it’s far from the same show.

4. What makes this season stand out on Netflix – Since it’s a trailer, you cannot make things too dark. Yet, why not use this as an opportunity to show off what the series will look like on the streaming service? Give some edgy, tongue-in-cheek humor that pushes Lucifer to its limits … while still feeling like the same show you’ve loved this whole time. This is an evolution rather than a recreation. Netflix is an opportunity to make Lucifer the craziest, best devil possible. Embrace it in the trailer, and try to get some new viewers curious who maybe haven’t heard of the show before.

In general, a trailer is about recruitment. Yes, you 100% want to engage longtime fans and keep them watching — but many of them would be watching regardless, even if there was no trailer at all. This is a chance to wave a flag in front of some newbies stating “our series is awesome! Please watch it” — obviously, some of these people follow the flag straight to Lucifer when it actually premieres, whenever that may be.

If you missed it…

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