Absentia season 2 video: Stana Katic, cast tease character stories

AbsentiaThe wait for Absentia season 2 is almost over … or at least it is in certain parts of the world! This is really a “check your local listings” show if there ever was one, mostly because it airs at different times within different places.

Yet, one thing is for certain no matter where you are — it absolutely feels like season 2 will be a feast for the senses. Visually, it’s striking, and it is going to bring to you a story that challenges your mind and raises questions about identity. Can you escape what once defined you? Can you break through and learn about a new part of yourself? These are questions that need to be answered, and we’re going to see them explored in various forms based on the new video below. This was released by Canadian broadcaster Showcase in honor of International Women’s Day — in here, you hear from Stana Katic, Cara Theobold, and also series newcomer Natasha Little, who plays Agent Julianne.

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Wanna know more? Then let’s dive into what each one of the three actresses discusses here at greater length.

Stana Katic – For her character of Emily Byrne, a “desire for home” is a chief driving force. She is striving to find something she can equate to normalcy, something that feels like a stable force in an extremely unstable world. She’s looking for something that unfortunately, may not be found. It’s hard — borderline impossible, even — to relate to the everyday person when you are not an everyday person yourself. There’s a sense of acceptance that Emily needs to uncover and understand … though she’ll probably be so focused on a new case this season to really spend a lot of time worrying about it. It’s kind of hard to when there are lives on the line.

Cara Theobold – For her character of Alice Durand, she may have an easier time seeking out a new normal. Her time away from work was not anywhere near as extreme as Emily’s, and with Flynn older, she is looking to reestablish a part of her life that she craves. Alice’s story is hopefully going to be fleshed out infinitely more this season; we want to learn more about her separate from Nick, and also get an update on how she feels towards Emily in the aftermath of everything in season 1.

Natasha Little – What are we going to learn about Agent Julianne this season? According to Little, we’ll see her intelligence and determination — on paper, she’ll be an essential ally to the FBI and make all of the work that they do so much easier. Whether or this holds true throughout the entire season … well, we shall see. The thing with Absentia is that it causes us to develop some serious trust issues. It’s hard to look at FBI agent in the face here and know for certain that they’re fighting for Team Good Guys.

The big takeaway from this video

The women of Absentia are bringing it in season — you just gotta be ready for them! New episodes are kicking off in Canada starting on Wednesday, April 3. For more updates, we suggest visiting our official archive page.

What do you want to see when it comes to Absentia season 2?

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