The Orville season 2 episode 11 return date: Who is Laura?

OrvilleWithin this article, we’re talking a look at The Orville season 2 episode 11, an episode that is airing in two weeks. Yet, after watching the promo below, it’s easy to wish that this was an episode coming on right now. Don’t even make us wait a week; just deliver this one right into our brain.

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We’ve said all along that the greatest strength of The Orville comes via its imagination. This is a series that just injects so much thought and even within the craziest of circumstances, tries to say something that is real and tangible. That could be something central to March 21’s “Lasting Impressions,” a story about love in what has been in some ways a season of love; yet, much of that love has not carried with it a sense of permanence. It’s been a year of heartbreak, of misunderstanding, and at times of something being just out of reach. Ask Talla precisely what that feels like, judging from her story earlier on this go-around.

The promo perfectly explains the hook — Gordon seems to have found the perfect person for himself in a woman named Laura and yet, there is an underlying mystery if you will … a mystery of Laura. (For those keeping score, this is the second time that we have written in a Mysteries of Laura joke on the site today.)

Who is this woman, really? What does she want aboard the ship? Gordon seems to be completely smitten with her, and acts as though Ed, Kelly, and everyone else has been well-aware of who she is for quite some time. Yet, some of these other characters in turn appear utterly confused by the whole situation and her presence. (Read some of the facial reactions of the room.) Do they even know who she is? We know that the character is being played by Leighton Meester, another reminder that The Orville really loves Gossip Girl this season given some of their guest casting. (It’s actually kind of remarkable that the show was able to book her in the first place, given that she has another TV role on ABC’s Single Parents.)

Is Laura a mysterious humanoid species who has infected Gordon’s brain, or some sort of hologram brought to life? Is that scientifically possible? Odds are, she’s connected in some way to an item mentioned within this episode’s synopsis: The team uncovers a time capsule from 2015 and opens it. Why 2015? That’s an interesting question within its own right, given that the writers could’ve easily chosen 2019 given that this is the year that we’re actually in. Maybe this is a woman from a different time, someone who makes Gordon somewhat lost in time and confused as to his own identity. Maybe 2015 is just a year that matters to one of the writers.

One other thing of intrigue to ponder over moving into this episode: What Gordon said to Ed tonight about how a beautiful woman could be the one thing to impact their friendship. Is Laura that woman? Maybe that was just a throwaway line that was delivered for comedic effect — many things within the world of The Orville fit that bill. Yet, we also carry with us a certain understanding that on this show, few things are coincidental. It deceives you at times with its one-liners and creative characters; but there is depth here beyond a good 99% of the series out there. It commands your attention and your ability to re-watch the show when you’ve got time in your schedule.

Our final feeling

This episode looks fantastic. We love a good Orville character story, and this one has a hook that is simple, but could unravel in directions no one could expect.

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