Big Brother Canada 7 review: Was Laura Roberts or Damien Kelto evicted?

Damien KeltoTonight on Big Brother Canada 7the first eviction bell tolled loud. So who ended up being sent out of the house?

Before even getting to the eviction though, we MUST discuss alliances — to be specific, the fury that comes with another big, beefy, bro-alliance taking over the game. Nobody wants this, but you also need to cool the jets on the idea of bros running the game. Save for maybe Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 16, when has this really ever worked? More often than not, the big bro alliance crumbles faster than even the crumbliest of cookies. This one, featuring Head of Household Adam, Mark, Dane, and Anthony, will likely be the same (at least we can hope). The name here is “The Pretty Boys” — yep, even the name is entirely obnoxious and worthy of some eye-rolls.

Let us move beyond the concept of the Pretty Boys now, mostly because within the big picture of the game tonight, it really does not matter all that much. Adam actually seems to be moving closer to an alliance with Samantha and that seems to be defining his game. That can be his final two and his bromance can be the shield (as opposed, of course, to famed Big Brother Canada alliance the Shield). Sam seems really high on her social game — we haven’t actually seen a lot of evidence to prove that to be true just yet, but we think she’s got a little bit of that fierceness and intimidation factor that she can use. A little bit of this can go a long way.

Adam’s choice in nominations didn’t seem to be altogether difficult. With Laura, she decided that she wanted to be “authentic” — which isn’t always good. You got to be a little bit fake in the early going and she didn’t want to do that. She didn’t even go talk to Adam the first day after he won Head of Household! Damien, meanwhile, probably should’ve thought at least about reading the room. If everyone else is acting like being on this show matters tremendously, don’t tell them that your girlfriend signed you up and that you don’t know anything! That never works all that well and, spoiler alert, it didn’t really work here.

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The bigger thing that Damien has going for him is that over time, he figured things out a little bit more — he was willing to go with the flow and the best microcosm of that was the stupid rapping game that went on with all of the houseguests in the room. Damien was willing to go along with it. Laura, meanwhile, didn’t. She wanted to be true to herself, which is awesome in life. Unfortunately, being true to yourself can be bad in Big Brother, especially when “true to yourself” = telling the Head of Household that one of his own allies in Sam could be bad for his game in the long-term. Laura’s tough and opinionated; she’s probably great in the legal field outside of the game. It just doesn’t work in the game.

Who was evicted?

It was Laura, and it wasn’t even close. She didn’t get a single vote to stay! We’re sure that some of these people were actually closer to her than they were to Damien, but nobody wants to dangle their neck out on the line at the first eviction. There’s just no value in that. Laura seemed fine after the game and good on her to do that, since she’s got a good career (seemingly) and probably doesn’t need this aggravation. Also, she wasn’t going to win even if she stuck around.

Who entered the game?

As you recall from last night, either Holly or Cory (who seemed to be shockingly similar to each other, and are both from the Eastern part of the country) would enter the game based on Canada’s vote. We really didn’t care to be honest — they both seem like interesting enough personalities and beyond that, we’re not sure either one of them will last a really long time. Tim Dormer and Nikki Grahame are forever going to be the legends of late arrivals within the Big Brother Canada game.

Cory was the one selected to take part in the game moving forward and she seemed to be thrilled … but also slightly less thrilled when we learned that she has to make three separate final two deals within the next 24 hours. Most Big Brother Canada challenges are easy and feel as though they’re meant to be checked off with a shrug. Some can be completed by players in their sleep. This actually feels tough. If she gets it though, she’ll have immunity for her trouble for the week.

Secret Room update

Remember the archive that Damien used to get to the Leon’s Lounge during the premiere? Well, everyone’s basically found it now … but nobody seems to know what to do with it and Damien can’t figure out how to make it back. We wanna see the blood Veto again! Seriously. It was dope.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada brought you lots of great content — including Eddie trying to hit on Adam as strategy (note: It didn’t work really well), a bunch of people being not to stoked to see Cory in the game (body language, people), and bro alliance we already could care less about. We also lost a huge personality week 1 and that’s probably bad news. We wanted Laura on the feeds!

What did you think about tonight’s Big Brother Canada, and the eviction for Laura Roberts? Share now in the comments! (Photo: Global.)

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