Big Brother Canada 7 premiere review: Who’s the first HoH?

Big Brother Canada 7Tonight, the Big Brother Canada 7 premiere is here! We’re expecting a lot of cool diary room chats, a secret-agent themed house, and also a proper introduction to some of the players.

Oh, and moments after the premiere started, we already had a twist! We got a chance to see a player enter the game before anyone, as voted by Canada. That player was Damien, a guy hoping to be the first winner with a major First Nations background. He was there to look for some sort of secret in the game … but he wasn’t all that good at finding it. It took him a good while to make it to the super-secret archive room, a place where some of the game’s biggest secrets could be held. He went from there to the (very much branded) Leon’s Lounge. What he saw there was the Blood Veto, a game-changing twist that also looks pretty awesome.

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At this point, Damien was basically forced to sit in his room and be watch the action play out with the other houseguests — most notably, Adam and Dane forming a quick alliance. (Dane, by the way, has the super-unique “party trick” of being able to pop his teeth in and out.)

After everyone made it into the house (Damien exited following his mission, and entered with the third group), Big Brother Canada delivered its first major surprise of the entire season for everyone — the houseguests had to air their dirty laundry in front of everyone in the form of a big secret that they planned to keep from everyone in the game.

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The first Head of Household Competition

This was all about forcing these secret agents/houseguests/whatever you want to call them into a position where they had to try and escape from a precarious position by escaping some ropes and completing a number of different challenges. Given that there is no Power of Veto Competition this week, that actually makes winning the first HoH all the more imperative — and probably keeps people from trying to throw it.

The houseguests were eliminated in groups throughout this competition and by the end, it was clear that we’d probably get some sort of bro in charge. That was proven true when Adam was officially the new HoH.

Another twist

Either Holly or Cory is going to have a chance to enter the game and one of them will then have to complete a secret mission. If they can do that, what it means is they will stay in the game. If they can’t, they will be booted immediately. It’s an interesting twist, but Canada’s going to vote on who gets a chance to go in! Personally, both of them seem intimidating and like they’ll be good characters to watch.

CarterMatt Verdict

This is Big Brother Canada in a nutshell — it’s an exceptionally well done show, albeit one that also has probably too many twists for its own good. We like the characters, though, and the style of the house and the theme feel about perfect.

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