Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16 review: Are Owen, Amelia done?

Owen and Amelia
“We’ve over, Owen. This is what’s best for him.”

Welcome to Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16, another episode meant to shatter your heart into pieces and dust of various consistencies. “Blood and Water” brought characters down to their core. We are discussing biology, family history, and science — the good and dark sides of it. Science can be at times a beautiful thing. It can also be the thing that corrupts and destroys families.

Of course, people can corrupt and destroy families. That’s where that conversation with Owen and Amelia comes into play. They spent the bulk of this episode sitting in front of an attorney, weighing out their future when it comes to Leo. Owen loves him. Amelia loves him. We also think that they love each other. Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure that Owen loves himself. It’s always been there, lurking underneath the surface with this character. There is a masochism that is not discussed and a willingness to get into his own way. Within this episode, it manifested as he and Amelia’s relationship deteriorated. He put much of the pain and the fallout of the relationship on her, and that’s why Amelia said that quote at the start of the review. She wants what’s best for Leo, and for now, that means walking away from the relationship and the adoption process.

Our heart hurts for Amelia. Our heart often hurts for Amelia. We do think that Owen is a good man at his heart, but there is this part of his brain that just loves to spread toxicity. Maybe he doesn’t know how to handle normalcy or accept that life doesn’t fall into his picture. He needs therapy, but when is the time in which he gets it?

Let’s now turn back to science

For Dr. Andrew DeLuca, he was ready to embrace science via the return of his father. This is a brilliant man with a brilliant idea to prevent fatalities for premature babies. The problem is that science is complicated; the idea of growing babies within a bag is even more so. Andrew’s father has great recommendations from his home country; he also suffers from mental illness and has the money and power to cover his mistakes up. That’s why Alex Karev saw nothing bad in his attempt at a background check. He was only able to do so much digging on his journey to getting proper, coherent answers. There was only so much available to him … other than what was staring him right in the face. Enter Carina.

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Seeing DeLuca’s sister made for the perfect counterpoint within this story. Andrew entered the picture tonight with a surprising perspective — he was okay for the idea of his father getting involved at Grey Sloan. Despite bringing the perspective that he brought earlier this season during his conversation with Meredith in the elevator, this is what he said now. Did he get lost in the forest of innovation here? Andrew’s father may be a genius, but geniuses can also be mad scientists. He seems to fall more into that category and that is the perspective Carina comes with.

Alex will have some hard to decisions to make moving forward — do you trust Carina or go along with Andrew? How do you weigh out this decision? What is your priority set? Profits for the hospital with groundbreaking research could win out, but there may also be consequences — serious consequences.

The state of things with Alex and Jo

Aside from anything medical, the two have serious personal decisions to make in regards to their future. Are kids in the cards? They certainly could be, but there are other boxes that need to be checked first before making it to that point. For Jo, one of those big boxes is wanting to understand more of her past. She wants to know her own biology and issues that she could pass along to future generations. Imagine knowing nothing about where you really come from and how that can impact your future. That’s where she is, and she wants to try to figure that out — without actually seeing her parents. That’s not within her own priority set.

The longer that this season goes along, and the more we imagine that this hope for understanding will grow. Given the rumors that we will actually meet Jo’s biological parents this season, it’s time to start thinking that this plan will no go as expected…

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy, some relationships turned to dust. Others still have hope. Take Nico, for example, who is developing even greater feelings for Levi after hearing his confession of love. Meanwhile, Meredith and DeLuca are treading on thin ice. For now, Andrew’s father is independent of the two — but how long will that last? If Meredith ends up taking a larger stand on his and she ignores it, what does that really mean?

This is an episode that feels more foundational than conclusive — to go back to the vantage point of science, it feels like we’ve got the research notes more so than the results. There are cases that still need to be solved, and in most cases (other than Omelia), more data needs to be collected.

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