Last Man Standing season 7: Tim Allen, cast film 150th episode!

Last Man StandingLater this season, Last Man Standing is going to have a chance to celebrate quite a milestone — 150 episodes on the air! It’s a rare feat for any show these days, and we’re glad that Tim Allen and the cast took a moment to commemorate the honor.

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If you look below (via Allen’s Twitter) you can see a photo of some of the cast smiling around a cake in honor of the achievement. (Kaitlyn Dever, Jordan Masterson, and Jet Jurgensmeyer are not pictured, but they are all very much a part of the Last Man Standing family.) This episode will air a little bit later in the season — production is typically a few ahead of what’s airing on Fox — and we imagine that some official story details will be coming out before too long.

Milestone episodes are always a chance to reflect on the journey that got you here. This journey is a little bit more eventful than most. Last Man Standing posted some solid ratings when it first debuted on ABC, but following its first season, it was dealt a number of challenges. When it moved to Fridays (considered by many to be a TV graveyard in the 21st century) it found a way to stick around for years, even when some in the industry wrote it off. When ABC canceled it, even more people wrote it off.

It’s incredibly rare for a show to return after more than a year off the air, but this one did it thanks to the dedication of the fans and a cast/production team that showed an eagerness to return. Even with some cast changes this season, the viewership has been consistent and incredible — week in and week out, Last Man Standing is #1 on Friday nights in the all-important 18-49 demographic. It’s also one of the most successful comedies on TV, which is saying something given its difficult timeslot.

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Is a 200th episode of Last Man Standing possible?

You’ve probably heard the expression that it’s best not to count your chickens before they hatch; we’re not anywhere close to these chickens hatching right now! If Last Man Standing comes back for an eighth or even a ninth season, it won’t get there with a current 22-episode order. These seasons would need to run for 24 seasons in order for the 200th episode to be there — and it would then serve (by our math) as the season 9 finale. With the current orders, a 200th episode would arrive at some point early on in season 10.

Whether or not Last Man Standing gets there is up to two different factors: The interest from the cast and crew in continuing to tell these stories, and then also the interest from Fox as a network. So long as the ratings are still great (remember, the show’s likely to change timeslots in the fall because of Fox’s acquisition of WWE SmackDown), they’re not going to want to do anything with it other than keep this train rolling it for as long as humanly possible.

Want to preview what’s next on Last Man Standing Friday night?

Have no fear! We have all of the info you could ever want over at the link here.

What are you the most excited to see when it comes to the 150th episode of Last Man Standing? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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