Death in Paradise renewed through season 10; see who’s returning

Death in Paradise

Alas, it’s true — there is no more Death in Paradise on the air … at least for the time being. Last week’s finale was the final chapter and following that, we’re now left to wait until 2020 to see what lies ahead in Saint Marie. This is one of those shows that you wish was around more than eight episodes a year, just because you know there are so many fascinating stories to tell! You want to get to know these characters more, especially some of the newcomers. You also just want to imagine yourself in this mythical island, a place where (despite all the murder) there seems to be a lot of fun times.

Well, we’re at least relieved to know that there’s going to be more coming up in the future for the entire cast — two more seasons, in fact! We reported last week that the BBC’s stellar murder-mystery show would be coming back for another year; now, we know that there are two more seasons in the books! Multi-season renewals have become a big thing at this network as of late; we recently learned that Call the Midwife was being renewed through season 11, and it’s certainly nice to know that Death in Paradise will be hanging around for a while still. It gives the writers a chance to plan ahead, and above all else, it gives the cast and crew some much-needed job security.

Think about things this way — television is a nomadic industry, one where you almost constantly have to be looking at what else is out there. Such a tiny percentage of shows lasts longer than just a few seasons and even successful actors find themselves bouncing between one opportunity and the next. Sure, Death in Paradise is rather nomadic in its own way (it’s hard for a show like this to keep its cast when you are filming so far from home), but for the people who want to stick around, they have an opportunity to do just that.

Now, let’s get to addressing the next important order of business: Who is actually sticking around moving forward? Per a report via Digital Spy, Ardal O’Hanlon will be leading the charge once more as Jack Mooney; alongside him, you are also going to see the return of Tobi Bakare (JP Hooper), Shyko Amos (Ruby Patterson), Don Warrington (Commissioner Selwyn Patterson) and Elizabeth Bourgine (Catherine Bordey). You can also add to this Aude Legastelois, who made her debut as Madeleine Dumas at the end of season 8. She’ll be sticking around for some time still, so cheers to that!

In general, cheers to getting so much Death in Paradise moving forward. While this is a show that features terrible crimes, there’s still something oddly warm and comforting about it. Watching it is a burst of fresh summer air; you feel like these characters are your family and you want to see nothing terrible happen to them. Watching new episodes is a part of your routine and with each mystery comes another chance to shout out possible outcomes from your couch.

Rest assured, throughout the entirety of this hiatus we’ll have more updates over at the link here! Be on the lookout moving forward…

What do you want to see over the next couple of years of Death in Paradise? Sound off with some of your thoughts below. (Photo: BBC.)

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