Blue Bloods season 9 episode 16 video: Jamie, Eddie question Erin

Blue Bloods season 9

Coming up on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 16 on Friday night, you’re going to see Jamie going toe-to-toe with another Reagan family member. Earlier this season, it was Danny who was in his crosshairs. Now, it’s Erin — and this time around, he’s also got a little bit of backup!

In the video sneak peek, you can see Eddie get especially upset with Jamie’s sister after she feels like she and Jamie are being subjected to a smear campaign at the hands of Don Vorhees, a man who is surprisingly still out on the streets. Their expectation was that he would be put away; yet, Erin handed the case over (despite Jamie and Eddie delivering it to her) to a capable ADA and they blame her choice for putting them in a position. Eddie’s finding stuck dealing with an investigation into her police work, which is really the last thing any good cop wants. Having someone circle and check all of your work makes it that much harder for you to be able to do your job!

Meanwhile, Jamie’s being targeted with harmful propaganda, the sort of stuff that can derail a career. This is the sort of stuff that Jamie knows he has to deal with now that he’s a sergeant. He is higher up on that career ladder and the further up he goes, the more precarious a spot he’ll be in. There will be more and more people trying to knock him down a rug, and the higher up he is, the more people will pay attention to him while it happens. Who knows how far Jamie will rise up the ranks at the NYPD? It’s something that seems like a discussion for a Blue Bloods season 11 more so than anything today, but it’s still something that we imagine he is going to have to think about. You have to once that ladder is right in front of you.

How can this situation be resolved?

Well, we have a feeling that it’s not going to happen in a particularly-easy fashion. If Erin’s handed this case off, then it looks like she’s embarrassing or disrespecting a colleague if she tries to take it back. She can’t really jeopardize her career for the sake of her brothers.

Meanwhile, for Jamie, he’s going to want this taken care of ASAP because the current state of things has him and his fiancee in a bind. How long before Vorhees starts to do further character assassination, or potentially reveals some personal information that he uncovers? The longer that this goes on, the more troublesome it is for him. Consider this your classic Blue Bloods sticky situation where it doesn’t feel like there’s an easy way for anyone to get out of this. It may actually take some interference from some other Reagans to ensure that there’s a resolution … one that doesn’t involve Jamie, Eddie, or Erin screaming at each other and ruining family dinner. (How often can a giant sandwich smooth things over at the dinner table? It’d work for us, but it doesn’t necessarily for anyone else!)

Are you excited for some of the Jamie – Eddie conflict on Blue Bloods tonight?

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