The Blacklist season 6 episode 10 video: Reddington wants a reservation

The BlacklistComing up on Friday night’s The Blacklist season 6 episode 10, we are going to see Raymond Reddington making plans. More specifically, he’s making dinner plans.

In the sneak peek below for Friday night’s new episode, James Spader’s character does his best to exude confidence ahead of his trial, even though he is fully aware of the fact that he is under indictment for all sorts of various crimes and in a perfect world, there’s probably no way in which he gets away with it. Reddington just seems to be convinced that he’s always going to have a workaround (since in this universe he typically has a way out). Hence, him wanting to have a dinner reservation in a couple of months for his favorite place in Chicago.

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What does this man have up his sleeve this time? It may have to do with a secret ace in the hole, and it may also have to do with his latest stunt in order to preserve his immunity agreement. Being the all-seeing, all-knowing man that he is (except, apparently when it comes to Liz being the one who betrayed him), he seems to have figured out that there is a vast conspiracy out there that could deeply impact the world. Beyond just that, he has also determined the target, the person who Liz and the Task Force needs to track down: The Cryptobanker. Once they do that, and once he can ensure that his immunity agreement is together, he will hand down a little more information.

Basically, this is Reddington doing what he does best — using information and cases as leverage. The man is a master negotiator; if he was to utilize his skills for good rather than evil, there’s a good chance that he’d be one the Sharks on Shark Tank dolling out ridiculous business advice while also probably negotiating super-advantageous deals for himself. (Okay, maybe he still wouldn’t be using all of his skills for good.)

He’s going to push the Task Force for what he wants in this episode and in the process, we’re going to get a chance to learn more about the latest baddie. We hope that he is a little more interesting than his name suggests — we’ve mentioned this before, but the idea of meeting a Cryptobanker is not the sort of thing that gets our blood pumping. Typically, Bitcoin and the like are the sorts of conversations you run away from when you hear them at a party; it’s boring. The Cryptobanker could also be a skilled hacker — there is some overlap between these communities — so maybe he could be a good adversary for Aram? Aram needs more big stories this season.

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