The Masked Singer season 2: The optimal premiere date for Fox

The Masked SingerIt’s sad, but also true — The Masked Singer is done for now. Last week marked the season 1 finale, as T-Pain was revealed to be under the mask in all of his monster glory. This was a fun celebration of music and celebrity, a show that we loved a hundred times more than we ever thought that we would going into it.

Now, the question that we are collectively left to wonder is simply this: Where in the world does The Masked Singer go from here? How does it come back? It’s going to be tough for lightning to strike twice with a show like this, but this summer does feel increasingly like the ideal time for the show. You can air it opposite lesser competition, deliver big ratings, and have an excuse to unite the whole family in the midst of their other activities.

As a matter of fact, we even already think that we have the right time for it — think in terms of the show’s same timeslot as the winter. If you look at summer television, most of the big hits like America’s Got Talent, The Bachelor in Paradise, and American Ninja Warrior air on Mondays and Tuesdays. While Big Brother does air on CBS Wednesday nights typically, it will likely do so at the same 8:00 p.m. timeslot that we’ve seen in the past. Put The Masked Singer back Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and watch the ratings flood in. Fox will almost certainly be happy — MasterChef may not be an enormous lead-in for the show, but it’s not like they really had that during its winter run, either.

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Now that we’ve done our job of playing programming head, let’s now examine closely another key aspect of this — the celebrity roster! The dream is that Fox can find another person in the vein of T-Pain for the cast — someone who can really sing, but then also someone people aren’t familiar with in terms of their singing voice. Rumer Willis was another great casting this season. You obviously want a Donny Osmond or a Gladys Knight in there so that you can have some guaranteed great singers, but those are also people viewers will pick up on almost immediately! If you want to have a genuine who sung it? competition, you need people who casual fans won’t know right away. The internet’s going to figure it out, but Bill and Carol watching at home with their kids may not.

All indications suggest that The Masked Singer is already looking into casting for the new season — whether or not they have all of their names in permanent marker yet is hard to say, but there are some people being circled. We hope that the designers are also at work making new costumes, or that the contestants have a little bit of say in it, as well. These are outfits that will probably be forever associated with you moving forward; T-Pain may be T-Pain, but for some (including us), he’ll always be the amazing monster dancing around the stage and messing with Nick Cannon. (We’re pulling for a penguin next season as we are a well-known penguin enthusiast!)

Expect more news on The Masked Singer season 2 in the coming weeks; for now, let us know your ideal premiere date, or costume ideas, in the comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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