Into the Badlands season 3 video: Cast, creators set up what’s next

Into the Badlands season 3 episode 9 return date

Into the Badlands season 3 will (finally!) premiere on AMC a little bit later this month — what better time than the present for a longer look at what’s ahead?

In the video that CarterMatt has for you below, the show’s cast and producers look ahead at what lies on the horizon for some of these characters — most notably, an epic battle that centers around Pilgrim. At the end of the show’s midseason finale, Sunny made the choice to give the Gift to Pilgrim, thinking that this was the best way to save Henry. It was a move made with the best of intentions, but also one that ended up producing some rather disastrous results. He now has to figure out a way to right that ship. Meanwhile, The Widow needs to find herself, now that there is so much that has been taken from her. Can she restore her world to what it once was?

Into the Badlands is going to become more violent than ever over its final episodes. As more and more of Pilgrim’s intentions start to become clear, the rest of the Badlands is going to need to rally together. Enemies will need to become allies, as unity is going to be the only way to get by.

This video also gives you a taste of some of the fight sequences, and they absolutely look epic. This has always been one of the series’ greatest strengths, and you have to give some recognition to these actors and stunt performers who put themselves on the line for the sake of their jobs, and for the sake of pleasing this show’s diehard fans. We love it!

This is the point in the article where we point out something appalling — Into the Badlands has barely been given any awards consideration during these three seasons. With the show coming out when it is hopefully it will be the perfect time for Emmy voters to take notice. Last year, Daniel Wu spoke out against the show being snubbed for Outstanding Stunt Coordination — something that we 100% agree with. It’s ridiculous.

Will there be closure to the series?

To a certain extent, we’re hopeful. While there is no official word as of yet that every single loose end will be tied up, we do at least have the feeling that Into the Badlands will work to conclude the battle with Pilgrim; from there, maybe they could offer a taste of what a season 4 could be, though we cannot express a lot of confidence that this is something that we’re ever going to be lucky enough to get. We’re just preparing ourselves for an epic, stunning, and dramatic final eight episodes that conclude this awesome journey. Three seasons is hardly enough, but it’s better than never entering the world of the Badlands at all.

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