‘Supernatural’ season 8 premiere review: Dean’s back, but where’s Misha Collins?

“Supernatural” is back, and we really have to say that it is better than ever. We don’t know what it was, whether it be the regime change to Jeremy Carver as showrunner to the time-jumping between the present word and purgatory, but this really felt like one of the best episodes the CW series has started a season off with in years. We saw a show with not only a defined purpose, but also plenty of action, cutting off people’s heads, and also comedy.

The main theme of the episode was the concept of reunion, and it started with Dean finding Sam again after a year in purgatory only to get extremely angry in a matter of seconds. Why? Sam had more or less thrown in the towel on the family business, and also failed to really keep track of someone he was supposed to protect in Kevin in the process. Thus, we had a search to find him, which interestingly enough, led to the discovery of a new Kevin, where he was convinced that he was a prophet and could have the full potential to vanquish all demons from this world. This story was of course not complete without Crowley turning up, and also the end of someone very close to Kevin in order to escape.

Unfortunately, this escape was not the end of Dean’s troubles, as the end of the episode brought us some pretty sobering news: even though Dean was free, he still has Benny the vampire to deal with from purgatory, and he also seems to be holding a pretty dark secret over his head.

We’ll have to close here with some bad news for Castiel fans: even though Misha Collins will be back next week as our favorite angel, Dean also strongly suggested that he doesn’t it make it out of purgatory alive. Then again, he also said that he did not technically see him die, so…

Did you dig this premiere as much as we did? If you want to check out some more news pertaining to what is coming up later this season, be sure to read the story here.

Photo: The CW

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