Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3: Five players to watch

Edge of ExtinctionAs we move into Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3 airing on CBS Wednesday night, who are some of the players to watch out for? We’re a little late this week, but we still want to show off our five picks before the episode airs!

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1. Keith Sowell – You absolutely have to put him on this list! It really makes zero sense if you don’t when you think about where this past episode left off. It’s possible that he just leaves the game right away and there’s nothing left to be said here, but if he leaves and then Reem leaves because of that, this becomes that much more of a story. One player leaving indirectly impacts two of them! This is what makes the Edge of Extinction twist interesting.

2. Ron Clark – He has the Advantage Menu, and this coming episode is the last chance that he can possibly use it. If we were him, we’d still opt for not playing it unless he has to, mostly because we don’t understand the merit of painting a big target on your back at this point in the game. Plus, the Kama tribe has completely dominated just about every aspect of the game so far and there is no reason to think that’s going to change since they have Joe Anglim on their team.

3. Wendy Diaz – The preview for the next new episode showed her getting injured, and that’s most notable in that if you get evacuated, we imagine the Edge of Extinction is completely off the table for you overall. It would also be the third straight Manu tribe member gone, and while she may be on the outs with the group, it does seem like she’s a fighter in challenges and a very good swimmer. (Of course, another school of thought is that you get rid of her, thinking that she could flip after a swap.)

4. Joe Anglim – Out of all the returning players right now, Joe is in the most interesting spot. He and Aubry are both feeling as though they’re on the outside looking in on their tribe, and it’s actually not a terrible move at this point to get rid of him. Maybe you assume that there’s a tribe swap soon, and if that’s the case, you don’t really know you’re going to end up with him. Why not strike when the iron’s hot and when you’ve got a chance?

5. Wardog DaSilva – Wardog has been one of the most impressive players we’ve seen so far, at least when it comes to being able to think over plans and also convince others to side with him. While his decision to keep Kelley Wentworth around may have consequences, it seemed like he got his way without being overly aggressive. At this point in the game, that really matters immensely.

Who are you watching out for entering Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3?

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