The Voice review: LB Crew, Kendra Checketts, and Rebecca Howell audition

The VoiceTonight, The Voice delivered the latest set of blind auditions and since it’s only an hour tonight, that doesn’t yield a lot of opportunities for filler! (Yet, somehow, the show did still find a way.)

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Betsy Ade, “Hunger” – Your first vocalist of the night, and someone who we think possesses a lot of great rock appeal. She is a fantastic singer who has a great backstory and she’s worked at it — she’s a single mom and someone who you can tell really wants this. She has a beautifl, experienced voice, and we think she’ll be super-versatile down the road. We’re definitely glad that she is still on the show, and also a member of Team John. This was her son’s wish!

Dalton Dover, “Don’t Close Your Eyes” – Blake is the only person who turned for Dalton, not that this should be all that much of a surprise to anyone. He’s a country singer and once he turned, it made it pretty clear that nobody else needed to. He’s totally in Blake’s wheelhouse — while he is a traditional country singer in terms of his voice, there is a musicality here that could stretch out to some other fans. Team Blake.

Rebecca Howell, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” – Here is your country music singer who doesn’t end up going with Blake. We usually get one of these a season, and we’re actually surprised that it hasn’t happened more this season given that Kelly won last season with a country artist in Chevel Shepherd. Kelly seemed to know what sort of singer she was vocally and connected with her; meanwhile, Blake was just a little too hung up on the fact that she was from Georgia. Team Kelly.

Kendra Checketts, “Sober” – Fantastic singer with a great low register to her voice. This is a really hard song to nail and we think that she did from start to finish. We have utterly no idea how Blake was the only person to turn around for her. She does need to work on her vulnerability and connect even more with her songs, but country music is all about connections and telling stories … even though she is not a country singer. Team Blake.

JT Rodriguez, “Higher Love” – The guy’s got a pretty good voice, but where was the thing that made him stand out? What helped him to feel different from the mold? He didn’t have any of that extra pizzazz or that extra gear to get excited about. That’s why he didn’t get a chair turn — this was a nice performance, but it needed to be a great one. No Chair Turn.

LB Crew, “Waves” – The finale performance of the night — this was a soulful, strong number where he alternates between a lower register and being able to lift up and tackle some difficult high notes. The coaches had a difficult debate about his falsetto (we do think it needs a little bit of work), and the pitch here came down mostly to what LB wanted — should he go with someone who is giving him specific advice, or someone who loved him the way that he was? LB responded to constructive criticism and he was Team Adam.

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