This Is Us season 3 episode 14 video: Does Beth get her new job?

This Is Us season 3It’s been a while, but tonight This Is Us season 3 episode 14 is arriving and bringing with it a tale of change. This is about characters working to take some steps forward … but unfortunately, not all of these steps are positive ones.

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Within the sneak peek below, you can get a dose of good news when it comes to Beth and Randall’as marriage — while they’ve clearly been through a lot, they are now back on track. They’ve figured out the best way to take some steps towards their future, and that includes a new career for each one of them.

Herein lies the problem: Randall’s going to be on the road roughly three hours a day because of the election, and Beth now has a gig teaching ballet. Sometimes, that means being away from the family at nights. Trying to make time for the kids, let alone time for each other, is suddenly a Herculean task. They are going to need to find ways to be creative, to think smart and to prioritize their time perhaps in ways that they have not before. Life is difficult — that seems like the most ridiculous way to sum up This Is Us, but it’s true. You have to think about compromises, but you have to still fight for what you believe in.

Randall and Beth already went through hell and back in the midst of their career changes, and they are now finding their way to the other side. While they seem happy in the sneak peek, we’ve come to both know and expect joy to be particularly fleeting within this world.

This time around, that twist seems to be Deja. Right when it started to feel like there was a relative calm around her life, a wrench is being thrown into the system and it is something that Randall and Beth have to prepare for. They’ve become almost akin to those circus performers who are balancing spinning plates, hoping that none of them falls off and smashes to bits on the ground. The Deja drama is going to be the first real attempt by someone to knock down those plates. If they’re still spinning on the other side, there’s a chance that this life can still work for them. If they’re not, then they should really be worried about whether or not it is time to change things up yet again.

We know from the flash-forwards that Beth is still within the world of ballet; that does not mean that Randall is involved in politics, or that Beth’s future moves forward in any sort of straight line. There may be more zigs and zags before she lands at her position of utmost happiness.

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