The Bachelor spoilers: Why did Colton Underwood jump the fence?

Colton Underwood
Tonight on The Bachelorthe moment finally arrived … the opportunity to learn precisely why Colton Underwood jumped the fenceThis was the moment that was weeks in the making — heck, it’s been promoted since the very start of the season, and producers have routinely teased this like it is the biggest moment in television history.

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So what cause the fence-jump to actually happen? Most of the theories that were out there entering tonight’s episode tied it to Colton’s relationship with Cassie Randolph, who seemed incredibly tentative about their relationship back during the hometown dates. It was clear that the two had chemistry, but she wasn’t so sure about whether or not this was right for her.

Here’s how things started to unravel — Colton told Cassie during their time before the overnight date about his conversation with his father, and how he didn’t have his blessing to marry her. That wasn’t good, but Colton reiterated his commitment to her. Then, Cassie’s father actually showed up on the overnight dates. He didn’t exactly give her words of encouragement — he didn’t dog Colton constantly, but he made it clear that this wasn’t something that she needed to really rush into. There are other options out there.

The craziest thing about this whole situation is that clearly, Colton’s way more into Cassie than he is Tayshia. Yet, Tayshia is clearly way more into him than Cassie seems to be. Cassie may like him, but she seemed so unsure if he was right or if the situation was right. That’s when Cassie started to panic and began second-guessing every part of their relationship. Was she ready to stick around in this competition, or emerge as the winner?

This took forever

Seriously. The better part of the night was spent watching constant emotional hand-wringing between Colton and Cassie over the right thing to do. He wanted her to stay, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay. She didn’t want to.

In the end, Colton’s fence-jump was one built mostly out of his feeling that he couldn’t bear to be there anymore. The woman that he loved had left and he wanted nothing more than to get away. This was sad, but it was also something you could project. Wasn’t he warned that Cassie wasn’t ready to accept a proposal? This is a case of someone deciding to not listen and, in this case, it’s pretty clear that this move came back to bite him.

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