SEAL Team season 2 filming out aboard a battleship

SEAL Team season 2We know that there are many cool things coming up on SEAL Team season 2 in terms of stories — so how about something cool from the vantage point of setting alone?

In a post on Twitter (which CarterMatt has for you to see below), the show’s writers confirmed the SEAL Team Fan Page’s notice that filming has been going on as of late aboard the USS Iowa, which should make for a rather exceptional hour of television. Battleships are obviously fantastic places stuffed full of history, and there are opportunities aboard them to experience some of what real-life heroes go through — think in terms of confined spaces, long periods of time at sea, and a very specific chain of command. It’s a very different sort of life than anything that you are going to encounter when you are on dry land.

Filming aboard battleships isn’t necessarily anything that is new to the TV industry, as TNT’s The Last Ship took advantage of the opportunities given to them for years. That show gave us a chance to see a pretty giant slice of life aboard a ship, albeit in a very post-apocalyptic sort of viewpoint. What you see on SEAL Team season 2 will be inherently different, just because you are dealing with a totally different set of characters. A setting can dictate a story, but so can the people who are taking part in it. That’s why when the series returns to CBS on March 20, one of the most-notable stories is going to be getting a chance to see Sonny and Davis make a key decision about their future. (You can read a little more about that at this link.)

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in general for the remainder of this season. For starters, you’re going to see David Boreanaz direct another episode, in addition to what we anticipate are a number of high-octane, exciting scenes featuring the principal cast members. Sometimes, these characters get so used to working on missions that this becomes their new normal, and the home life is actually the part that is more challenging.

Based on where we are right now in the season, coupled with the timing of this filming announcement, it’s safe to say that we won’t see this particular SEAL Team episode on the USS Iowa for a little while — we’re thinking around the middle of April, at the very earliest. The second season is likely going to stick around on the air until the second or third season in May, and we’ll just have to wait and see at that point if a season 3 is in the cards…

What do you want to see on SEAL Team season 2 coming up? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below, and remember to check back soon for even more updates! (Photo: CBS.)

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