Bosch season 5 episode 2 review: The DNA dumpster fire

Bosch season 5We are in for a a chaotic ride on Bosch season 5, but we are here for it and we are living for it! This season has a lot of different stories going on and all of them are relevant to what’s going on in America right now. We have a story on the prescription pill drug trade, on police shootings and whether or not they are justified and investigations into police stacking evidence to put someone away when they may not actually have enough for it to be iron clad. That last one is especially important, because it’s might be circling around Bosch and something he may or may not have done years ago.

How much trouble is Bosch in?

After Maddie uncovered that the CIU (where she is currently working for the summer) is looking into an old case that Bosch was on to see if it was a proper conviction or an innocent man was put away he decides to pay the CIU a visit. Although he doesn’t find out much except that what Maddie found out is true, his stance on Preston being guilty of the murder of Danielle Skyler hasn’t changed and that the person spearheading the investigation is Christina Henry (who still hates Bosch). What is he hiding, or is this more about him worried that the CIU will find some technicality that will allow a killer back on the streets? Our bigger question is really more about how Christina is on this case at all considering her past with Bosch – isn’t there a conflict of interest here – one where she won’t exactly be unbiased?

Bosch is so worried about this whole thing that he goes to Irving to find out what he knows and what he knows right now is a whole pile of nothing. Irving speaks to the new DA to ask why he wasn’t told about this case being re-opened and she tells him that she didn’t want to bring it to his attention until they had everything organized, which includes a death bed confession by someone else to the Skyler murder as well as some DNA evidence that could either help or hinder that confession. So things are much worse then everyone originally thought. Bosch is so worried in fact that he’s seeking the help of a lawyer just in case they find this DNA sample to be a match and connect it to this death bed confession which would put Preston right back out on the street. He’s staying strong to his original story that he’s the one that found Skyler’s pendant in Preston’s apartment and that he didn’t plant it. His lawyer has assigned a investigator (Hector) to work with Bosch who’s going to get his hands on those DNA results as soon as they come in since Hector is connected. When the DNA comes back, it’s the worst case scenario – it’s a match.

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The drug case

As for the drug case, Bosch and Jerry are following the clues while they wait for Jose to surface and one thing they’ve learned is that Jose and his father were fighting a lot before the robbery left him dead. They also learned that a complaint was filed against Jose for over prescribing Oxycontin and it was an active investigation. When Bosch and Jerry get another lead they start following around a van filled with people who are not only addicted to prescription pills, but are using fake ID’s and being driven from pharmacy to pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and then hand them over to the driver. Why are they doing this? Likely they are getting help paying off some sort of debt and are getting just enough drugs to keep their habits going (at least this is Bosch’s theory at the moment). The people are then driven to a plane and it takes off so Bosch and Jerry can’t follow any further…. right now. As we saw in the premiere, Bosch will be under cover at some point and he will get on that plane himself, right now we are just in the thick of learning how he got to that point.

What is Maddie doing?

Remember Tom, that guy at the CIU that was sniffing around asking questions about Maddie’s father for the investigation? Well he finally convinced her to go out with him for a few drinks and she didn’t come home until morning. Did something more happen and more so we wonder if these two are playing each other? He tried to say that he was sorry for going at her about Bosch, but could this be a way for him to get more information, or is Maddie playing him to get more information for her dad? This is a story that could really end badly for everyone especially now that the DNA is a match.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Like we said there are a lot of balls in the air with this season instead of just one main story like we’ve seen in the past, but it doesn’t feel like there is too much going on. In fact we are invested in all of them and the show has found a way to weave in and out from one story to the next without taking us out of this world. The first two episodes have set up a strong foundation for where we are going this season and so far we like what we are seeing.

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