Bosch season 5 episode 3 review: How worried should Bosch be?

BoschBosch may not be up the creek yet with this new DNA finding in the Preston/Skyler case, but he’s on his way. There’s enough new evidence to re-open this case and a real possibility that Preston could actually get out of jail! Bosch feels 100% confident that they got the right guy after finding Skyler’s pendant at Preston’s apartment, but Preston has long said that evidence was planted and that he is innocent. Since it was Bosch that found the pendant we worry for him if Preston gets out he will be out for blood. Also, with Maddie and Tom growing closer information can trade hands even if neither of them mean to let it slip and that won’t be good for anyone.

What has Preston been up to?

Bosch has gotten his hands on all of Preston’s calls from prison over the past 12 months and hands them over to his lawyer in hopes that they can find a connection to this other prisoner’s death bed confession to the Skyler murder. Hector reveals to Bosch that there is no evidence that these two knew each other in prison or in life before prison and after going through Preston’s call tapes he’s learned that a bunch of calls were made to someone named Rita who turns out to be his wife. She is now someone of interest to Bosch, Hector and his lawyer – maybe she’s the go between?

Bosch meets up with Ryan (another detective that worked the Preston case with him) and he shares all of the files he’s pulled on the case. Bosch wants to go back in and refresh his memory on what’s happened and Ryan says he’s done that too since he can’t wrap his head around the idea that they would both miss this guy who is confessing to the murder. This guy wasn’t a suspect, not a person of interest – absolutely nothing. When Bosch gets a copy of the death bed confession it’s his chance to see if it lines up with the facts – although we didn’t get a chance to see in this episode if it does or not, that’s something we know is coming up.

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Small movement on drug case

Jerry has been doing some leg work on this drug case. He’s seen a pharmacist driving a BMW pull into his shop followed by the white van he and Bosch tailed around all day in the last episode. He’s also secured some information about the plane, but it’s not a lot – mostly that there is no schedule, no flight plans and it just comes and goes when it pleases (it’s address is a PO Box and the invoices go to an email address… it’s all very sketchy as Jerry expected). He’s still trying to find Jose and with his father’s funeral coming up, Jerry is hoping to finally get his hands on him, but even though Jose was at the funeral home briefly he’s in the wind again.

Is this the end of the road for Crate and Barrel?

Ever since they crashed their car into another unit while on pursuit to the pharmacy robbery Grace has been stuck in a really difficult situation. She’s getting a lot of pressure to get them off the streets with people feeling like they are long past their prime to be working in the field anymore. She really hasn’t been sure how to handle it and after reflecting on the situation she takes Barrel out for breakfast to talk to him about it – more so to test the waters. The conversation ends with Barrel thinking that she’s getting ready to have Crate ride a desk and is willing to help her break the news softly to him, not for one minute thinking that he is included in this upcoming benching. Grace has a tough battle ahead and with the captain breathing down her neck to move them to another department and to tell them sooner rather then later we really don’t envy the position she’s in. She tries to give them the bad news with a little bit of sugar (trying to say that it’s temporary) but everyone knows that it’s not and Barrel loses his mind.

What’s going on with Maddie and Tom?

So what’s really going on with these two? That’s something Bosch wants to know especially when Maddie didn’t come home the other day until dawn and then he saw her with Tom at the CIU offices. She reveals that the night she didn’t come home until the morning was because she took Tom to see the California grunion run and if you don’t know that that is it’s something  you really need to see to get the full scope of it. It’s a fish that leave the waters at night to spawn on the beach and the do so en masse! We love that Bosch is still finding new ways to continue to keep Southern California in the show as it’s own character. They mentioned In-N-Out burger again too! Something we are all too familiar with here at CarterMatt since there’s one up the street that we practically live at.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This was an episode to set things up for a bit further on in the series – lots of leg work, lots of foundation laid and while it wasn’t the most exciting episode we’ve ever seen it was a really important episode to move all of the stories forward – especially to where we see Bosch go under cover and end up in that position where he’s got a gun in his face. We really need to see how that plays out and the build up so far is really sucking us in.

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