Outlander season 5 debate: The complete path towards filming

OutlanderFor a while now, we’ve been hoping that most of the Outlander cast would be back in Scotland to start filming season 5. We know that there is work being done there — heck, we reported a while back that one major cast member even visited the show’s production office! There is a lot of work that goes into making this show a success and as easy as it is to be impatient — and trust us, we’ve felt a lot of impatience as of late — the pre-production buildup is done so that production itself runs smoothly.

So what is the full scope of work being done at present to make sure that filming is ready to commence without a hitch? This article is all about pointing out the steps and the incremental progress that needs to be made.

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Writing – This is obviously the primary order of business, and it’s been worked on for some time. The writers’ room for season 5 opened a number of months ago (we know this personally as well since our co-owner Jessica’s cousin is on the writing staff for season 5), and it’s a necessity that it’s set up in such a way so that scripts are written and polished before the cast comes to set. The last thing that any production wants is to stall on a scene because the writers are looking for a way to better craft a line. There are changes that can happen on the day of filming, but the scripts themselves need to be solidified.

Location scouting – This is more critical for a show like Outlander than almost any other on television. Not only do you need to uncover suitable locations for upcoming scenes, but they need to be located in Scotland and resemble North Carolina. That’s an enormous challenge — it’s something that the team pulled off quite successfully last season (we were able to suspend belief without an issue). Now, they have to do so all over again.

Costumes – Season 4 was the incomparable Terry Dresbach’s final season working on the show, but we know that there are many talented people still working to both design the costumes and then fit them on the actors. Costume fittings is a necessary part of the operation, as are coming up with new outfits that suit the show’s aesthetic. They have to be practical, but also memorable given the show’s reputation for great fashion. At least entering season 5, there is more of a roadmap given that we’re not changing settings as we have done many a time in the past.

Set building – Production designer Jon Gary Steele indicated not that long ago that the team is already working on the iconic Big House; meanwhile, there are other sets and props that are likely being created and conceived as we write this. By the time the actors arrive either on location or to some of the show’s interior sets, everything should be constructed and ready to go.

Technical cues and the like – Even if the lighting and sound departments have to do their work on the day of filming, they have their own set of instructions and certain goals that must be met before hand. Directors are assigned, shoots are planned out, and everything is set up so that filming days go by efficiently and without interruption. That makes the show more cost-effective, and it certainly also helps with the sterling quality you expect.

Rest assured, the moment the cameras start rolling on Outlander season 5 featuring all of the cast, there will be an update on CarterMatt.

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