Outlander season 5 is now underway for the cast! Celebrate accordingly

Outlander season 4It may be a little too early here on the West Coast to be popping champagne, but rest assured we’re having a party over here anyway because Outlander season 5 is now underway! We’re not saying that the cast and crew are out on location filming as of yet, but the team is starting to descend on Scotland in preparation for the latest epic edition of one of TV’s best love stories.

Want evidence? Then head over to the Instagram Stories from one Lauren Lyle, who offered up proof via her arriving near the production office. The cast turning up on set coincides with the info handed down all the way back last summer from Cesar Domboy, who claimed that they’d be back to work in late February. Until last week, when Caitriona Balfe noted a start date this week, there were some worries starting to churn in our stomach that we may be forced to wait ’til March.

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Production contains many components, whether it be costume fittings, table reads, filming scenes, makeup, and for Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, continuing to dive into their new producer roles. There’s a lot more crammed into these days on set than anyone would realize and it makes the work all the more remarkable. Think about the practice of getting up at random hours of the day, traveling sometimes to the middle of nowhere, working in tough conditions, wearing a heavy costume, and then delivering an awesome performance while also now working behind the scenes in production. Yes, it’s a job and they’re paid for it — but it’s a public job and you gotta be on almost all the time. Kudos need to be given to everyone for giving this their all.

What to expect from filming

There are gonna be Ghost Town days where you don’t see or hear any news. That’s standard. Outlander has a number of interior sets that they don’t have to travel to work on — they can just hang around their home base in Scotland, do the work, and then go home for a good night’s sleep. Things get a little crazier when they venture out into the wild, which does happen on a multitude of occasions — especially in this new, North Carolina era of the show. This is the wilderness! You gotta be out in the sun (and occasionally the midges) in order to make it authentic.

Expect filming to encompass several seasons. You have the end of the winter now, but then also the spring, the summer, and at least a little bit of the fall. There are twelve epic episodes to be filmed and they will likely be going until, at least, October or November. This is why you’re going to be tapping your toes, waiting and suffering through the latest Droughtlander for a long time. We don’t expect the show to be back until next year; if we’re wrong and it’s late 2019, we’ll never be happier to course-correct and we’ll thank the premium-cable gods (just not American Gods — that’s a different Starz show).

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Now, commence rejoicing. Tell us now what you are the most excited to see in season 5 of Outlander! (Photo: Starz.)

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