‘The X Factor’ UK: Read James Arthur’s speech against internet hate

If there is any one thing in particular that makes us want to root for James Arthur on “The X Factor” this season across the pond, it is for the little moments quite like the recent rant that he posted online about people who go onto message boards and spout off nonsense for no particular reason.

Did James probably endear himself to any sensitive fans with this rant in particular about people who go on Digital Spy’s message boards? Probably not, but it quite possibly the most honest (and therefore awesome) thing that we have ever heard a contestant on a singing competition say while the event is still going on:

“Who are these people on the Digital Spy forums!?!? Do they have no idea that there nothing but negative lowlifes for even typing such s**t!? Some of these fools don’t even realize how disgustingly ignorant and ridiculous there opinions are!! Get a life. I wouldn’t normally rise to it but I’m in genuine disbelief that these clowns dare to write the s**t they write on there! They should be locked up for some of the s**t they say about us lot.

“Rarely do I go on s**t like Digital Spy which is made for w**kers with no lives who wanna find out what’s happening on Corrie next wk but when I do all I see is abuse! I reckon they should shut that s**t down!!”

Eventually, Arthur did go back on Twitter to say that he didn’t hate all of the users on the Digital Spy forums, just the ones bashing him and the other contestants at length (even thoughf rom our standpoint this was pretty much a given):

“Maybe that was a bit of a generalization, but all I meant was there is a lot of negative people on there by the looks of it.”

We figure that it will be easier for James to deal with this sort of negativity as though season goes on, if for no other reason than that nothing he says will unfortunately matter at all to some of the people who have nothing else to do but slam him online. However, we love the honesty, and wish more singers would do this rather than just give canned answers in every interview and Twitter post talking about how amazing the world is.

Just where do you come down on “X Factor” contestants blasting message board users online?

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