‘The Walking Dead’ season 3: Check out the rockin’ new trailer!

If you have not been excited enough for the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead” (which is really a pretty hard though for us to even imagine), we have a feeling that this new promo is going to make you jump up and down with unabashed glee (and no, not the kind that makes you want to sing karaoke).

This new video may only be a minute long, but the show’s producers really do a pretty phenomenal job at managing to cram just about as much content as humanly possible into this clip. We have shots of Rick introducing his group to their new prison home, Andrea meeting Michonne and the Governor, and did we mention zombies? Yes, the walkers are seen in full force here, but you really get the sense that they are really not the biggest threats in this world anymore. After all, some of these people should really feel like pros when it comes to dealing with them thanks to the past two seasons; however, dealing with a living person who is pure evil (and also extremely charismatic) may be a completely different story.

This trailer also does a pretty good job at giving a wide array of characters some screen time, as we see a few minutes of everyone from Maggie to Laurie. It’s exciting stuff, and October 14 can officially not come fast enough.

What do you think about this new trailer for the show, and is there one element that you are excited for the most?

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