Madam Secretary season 5 episode 15 review: It started with Matt on a plane

Madam SecretaryMadam Secretary season 5 episode 15 has to be one of the more fascinating stories of the past several months. We’ve heard of ripped-from-the-headlines stories, but never one that played out quite like this.

It was months ago we first remembered a viral tweetstorm from someone watching two people connect while on an airplane together. It was a story that made people want to believe in true love, but it ended up blowing up in her face when one of the people at the center of the tweets was unhappy their privacy was invaded.

How Madam Secretary recreated the situation was with one of Elizabeth’s staffers in Matt and also Farhana, a woman who he shared an encounter with on an airplane. Matt was just being friendly and being open and welcoming to this woman, but a nearby passenger captured the exchange, set it to music, and then put it on the internet. The young woman was from the Middle East and as a result of what happened, she found herself being at the center of threats. She was from a place in which “honor killings” and where women are mistreated and abused. She did nothing wrong; yet, her life was put in to jeopardy.

This is where Elizabeth had to come into play. She had to figure out a way to both help this woman, and then also preserve relationships with Afghanistan at the same time. While the diplomacy part of the episode proved fascinating, we think that the message is even more so. While it may be tempting to capture the moments in your world on social media, remember that there are other lives involved — you don’t know what the impact of a video or a photo can be on someone else. Use discretion, ask permission, or just take photos or videos of inanimate objects instead.

Does Elizabeth smother her brother?

Outside of the office, she found herself in the middle of another quagmire with Will — namely, she wanted to get involved in his relationships and personal life just because it’s what she does. She feels like she has to parent him sometimes and of course, he rebels against it like a parent sometimes does.

It was Henry who first spoke to her about changing things up, and allowing him to take on the role of mentor-of-sorts to him. They bonded a little bit and by the end of the episode, Elizabeth did realize that she needed to take a back seat and let him make whatever decisions or mistakes that he wanted. She also allowed him to stay at their place for a little while as he figured some things out in his own life. We do like having Eric Stoltz around on this show, largely for a personal counterpoint. He doesn’t see Elizabeth McCord as Secretary of State; she’s just a sister and someone he wants to argue with. They have a fun, natural rapport and they also have such different philosophies that it can lead to interesting conflict.

CarterMatt Verdict

“Between the Seats” is an episode that mostly shines due to the concept — we don’t necessarily think the resolution to the airplane crisis was anything entirely new, but this episode stands out for its ability to start an international crisis out of something super-small, and something that the vast majority of Americans would never even think about.

When will Madam Secretary return to the air?

For more news on that, just be sure to visit the link here!

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