NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 16 review: Deeks’ dance with mom

NCIS: Los Angeles

Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 16 told a story that existed within two different worlds — the deathly serious and then the personal. Both stories carried with them a great deal of importance, which is probably what you can expect given that we are so close at this point to the Deeks – Kensi wedding. That is coming in just two weeks’ time!

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Let’s kick things off here, though, with a discussion of the case of the week plot. This revolved in part around a slain journalist who was taken down in the midst of an expose plot revolving around a military operation, a drone strike that went terribly south. Whoever killed him was someone so desperate to keep a secret regarding a failed operation that they were willing to kill for it … and then also make it very difficult for anyone to find some of the necessary information.

This brings us back to Odell Ikande, a Marine who was involved in some of what transpired, and someone the team found themselves looking to track down. Was he the responsible party in what happened? As it turned out, no. That honor (or dishonor, depending on how you look at it) is going instead over to Phillip Beckett, a man who was willing to do whatever he could to both get vengeance on the story almost getting out — and whoever was responsible for leaking in to the journalist in the first place. That brings us back to Ikande, whose roommate in Ruya was actually a survivor of the military operation and the one who passed along some of the info.

Beckett didn’t even know that Ruya was a survivor of the attack when he kidnapped her; he was just trying to get at Ikande, who he knew wasn’t on his side. Ikande joined the team (who was already joined by Nicole DeChamps) in working to take Beckett out. This was a classic NCIS: Los Angeles shootout (albeit one that was a little shorter than others), where one team had to find a way to take out the other team. We don’t know how this show manages to do these sort of high-octane shootouts, but they find a way to figure this out.

Ultimately, DeChamps was able to secure Ruya while the ream of the team backed up Ikande in taking down some of his men. Beckett was kept alive, even if Ikande thought about taking him down.

Why doesn’t Mama Deeks want to dance?

Now, we move over to something a little bit more comedic. We’re in the final stages of planning for the Densi wedding but Deeks’ mom is being super-cagey. Why doesn’t she want to dance? Out of all of the serious responsibilities that can be associated with planning a wedding, this one is almost silly in comparison. You mostly just have to figure out a way to hit the dance floor with a smile on your face, even if you’re tired or if the food at the reception isn’t settling well.

Yet, Mama Deeks didn’t want to dance and over time, it came out why — she knew that Kensi’s family were great dancers and she didn’t want to embarrass herself. In general, we got the sense that she was concerned about embarrassing herself in general.

Eventually, Mama Deeks did open up — strangely thanks to the health inspector at the bar giving her some advance.

Are Sam and Nicole DeChamps together?

This has been bubbling underneath the surface for a while but judging from how they went out for drinks before the operation, there’s something brewing here. We wish that we actually saw Nicole and Sam together on their “date” … which Sam refused to call that. He needs to be ready to take that next step into his future when he’s ready, but he’s getting there.

CarterMatt Verdict

As great as the case-of-the-week plot was (and it was genuinely exciting tonight — one of the best we’ve seen in weeks), we still appreciate the sweet story for Deeks and his mom. Leading up to the wedding the show could’ve just shown him and Kensi running around doing a number of typical errands, but they kept things personal and that was SO much preferred.

Preview the Densi wedding now – You can get some information about what’s coming now over at the link here!

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